Best Driving Roads In Britain

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The joy of driving is not only decided by a superb steam or prowess of the person handling the steering but also by the road to drive on. Much to the pleasure of Brit car owners and drivers, Britain has some of the fines of driving roads. Are you too fond of wheeling your way across the great roads whenever you get time? Well, that’s fantastic and the post below offers a brief on the best roads in Britain.


A591, Kendal –Keswick


When it comes to the best roads in Britain for driving, A591 has to top the list as it has been officially declared as the best of all driving roads here as it completes all the needed criteria of an absolute drive- with all its bends, acceleration as well as nice cruising & braking opportunities. You have a 30-mile stretch here which starts in Lake District National Park & takes you through a beautiful winding section offering unmatched vista of Lakeland fells & banks of the Lake Windermere & Lake Thirlmere. An added fillip for driving here- the spectacular road has been inspiration for legendary poets like Wordsworth & Coleridge & en route, one would even spot 2 former houses of Wordsworth on the Grasmere village.


B3515, Cheddar-Ashwick


Next in the line of best roads in Britain for a drive has to be B3515 which takes you across 14 magnificent miles around Somerset countryside. It is divided into three major sections. Yes, the first one is a demanding route but makes up with its stunning section. Be careful though, as here you have cliff faces and ample twists & turns due to a gorge which altogether assure a high adrenaline rush. No wonder, it’s a must have for adventure lovers. However, you have to be more serious about agility here over power. After you pass the gorge, the second section commences with trees, tight turns & relaxing sweeping bends. Finally, you have the last section that’s mostly about long straights & gentle changes so that you can relish the majestic view outside.


A535, Holmes Chapel- Alderley Edge


The A535 has to be here in the discussion on the best roads in Britain for driving by the sheer merit of its picturesque route starting from Holmes Chapel. Covering an urban range, the road goes straight into a magnificent countryside, offering the much desired en route vista as you wheel on. However, the road has its own share of twists & undulating for around 2 miles prior it gets to a straight mile. The A535 often ranks on top of the list of best roads in Britain for drive courtesy its famous Grade I landmark Lovell Telescope (90 m tall, 76 m wide) at the Jodrell Bank. Further, you will have long straights on the way , assuring a comfortable and relaxing drive for you.


A686, Penrith- Haydon Bridge


A686 is dubbed as one among the greatest of drives for Brits and hence deserves a special mention when it’s all about the best roads in Britain for a drive. It is especially popular in warmer seasons and you will often see hordes of bikers up and down the road having a great summer time. You will start with a flat forest and then you will cross a single track hosting the metal bridge for more than 3 decades before taking your way to the charming Langwathby & Melmerby villages. From there, you have the route climbing up to as much as Hartside Summit (a great 1904 ft). in case, you will feel like stopping for a while, you have a café there on Hartside which is very popular among the travellers here. next, you will drive down to Alston which represents England’s highest market-town and you will love the market place there. However, be careful if you are travelling in winter as the road here is steep & cobbled which could be challenging in colder months. finally, you will have Alston welcoming you with its picturesque view as you drive right towards Haydon Bridge.


A153, connecting Horncastle & Louth


If you are looking for an exciting road to drive that will thrill you all along with diverse features, the A153 is one of the best roads in Britain for driving. The road entices the adventurous drivers with almost everything they want for a challenging & relishing drive – be fast straights or prolonged sweeping bends or taut corners or gradient & camber changes. The route passes the famous Cadwell Park which is definitely worth stopping for. Dubbed as “Mini Nurburging”, it is loved for its spectacular views throughout the year. With its outstanding scenic beauty, the AI53 is a charm to drive on anyday.


A258, Dover-Deal


You are getting a nice rollercoaster ride here that takes you along the glorious countryside of Kent, indulging you in impressive heritage castles & refreshing sea breeze. The route reminds of an exciting race track where you have sweeping bends & frequent elevation changes which altogether assure an unforgettable drive. It starts with Dover marina taking you beneath East Cliff and you will suddenly find yourself ascending whoosh from 0-level right to a stunning 408 ft over sea level. You will love the serpentine route leading the magnificent Dover Castle and as you reach hilltop you have an exciting downhill S-bend waiting for you. The final leg takes you to the historical fishermen community of Strand along a breezy seaside with wide pebble-beach & quirky shops at the sides.


A39, Minehead- Barnstaple


This has to be in the list of best roads in Britain for driving. It’s said that with its ever-changing scenery, steep hills and plenty of surprises on the way- A39 promises something for everybody. It begins at Minehead’s coastal town and concludes at the UK’s oldest borough Barnstaple. You will find yourself in a glorious blanket of countryside that will relax the steep ride over the hilly road. Its moorland surroundings would be great when you are looking for some more time & the Exmoor National Park is one of the best highlights here.

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