How many penalty points will I receive for speeding?

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Depending on the nature of the offence and by how much you were exceeding the speed limit, you will normally be issued with three to six penalty points, which must remain on your licence for four years from the date of the offence.

As well as penalty points, you will also be issued with one of the following convictions, again, depending on the nature of your offence:

  • SP10 – Exceeding goods vehicle speed limits
  • SP20 – Exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excluding goods or passenger vehicles)
  • SP30 – Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road
  • SP40 – Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit
  • SP50 – Exceeding speed limit on a motorway

However, if you are caught speeding at an excessively high speed, you can be issued with a straight ban rather than penalty points – which will have an impact on the cost of your car insurance premium.

But if you have only accrued one driving conviction, and the accompanying three points, it should only make a very marginal difference to the cost of your car insurance. If you have accrued a number of motoring convictions or have been banned for ‘totting up’, Insurance Revolution can still help you find a competitive quote.

Visit our Convicted Driver Insurance and Totting Up Insurance pages for more information or a quote.

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