The Insurance Revolution Manifesto on Drink Driving

Insurance Revolution was established with the primary focus on providing insurance to people who generally have difficulties finding affordable cover, including those with drink driving convictions. Through our extensive work with drink drivers, we have found that there is a huge lack of understanding as to what the legal drink drive limit is and that many people with drink driving convictions feel discriminated against by the insurance industry.

As such, we have launched a campaign to:

  1. Lobby for increased education surrounding drink drive limits
  2. Push for people with spent drink driving convictions to be treated as rehabilitated


In late 2014 we conducted a study into drink driving and of the 2,000 people surveyed, more than 65 per cent of them admitted they do not know what the legal drink drive limit in England is. Many people still believe the drink drive limit is determined by the number of units a person has drank, rather than the number of micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath and milligrammesper 100 millilitres of blood and urine. Many are also unsure what factors, other than alcohol, can affect Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or how long alcohol stays in the system for.

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While working with our clients, we have found that many drivers with drink driving convictions feel they are discriminated against by the insurance industry and are charged extortionately high premiums because of mistakes they have made in the past. While we do not in any way condone drink driving, we believe much of the problem could largely be eradicated through increased education. What’s more,once people’s drink drive convictions are spent, they should be treated as rehabilitated.

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