10 Most Desirable Travel Destinations This Summer

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Holidays are the best time to relax, rejuvenate, read and travel. Seeing new places changes the way you relate to the world and others around you. Your summer holiday calls for taking that much needed break from work, playing water sports, experiencing sea-side cuisine, driving down meadows and hillsides, trekking, skiing or simply walking down the roads of an unknown city.

Below we have listed 10 such exotic summer holiday travel destinations in the Europe for you to make memories in places you might have not visited before.

  1. Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean where the beautiful landscapes are just a part of the travelling experience. Flanked by Norman Churches, Greek Temples and Baroque Palazzos, the island has numerous ancient structures. Being a tourist destination, Sicily is host to exotic contemporary drinking and eating and is an excellent shopping destination. The island is known for the production of citrus fruits and fantastic wine. The weather remains balmy throughout the year making this destination one of the most desirable locations for a summer holiday.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Popularly known as the land of glaciers, Iceland offers some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. Beautiful cleave snow capped mountains and rainbow arched waterfalls adorn the capital city. You can also witness the Vatnajokull, the largest glacier of Europe in Iceland. In Reykjavik, you can ford rivers, catch fishes, watch birds or even climb mountains. Lush green valleys and numerous peninsulas adorn the region. Also, Hekla Volcano located in Southern Iceland is one of the major summer holiday tourist destinations.

  1. Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland

The land of watches and chocolates need no formal introduction about being the ideal locale for a summer holiday. The high life in Switzerland calls for viewing of the snow capped Alps, riding cable cars up to the peaks of mountains, skiing on St. Moritz, cruising on the magnificent crystalline lakes and sipping Swiss wine. The urban life of Zurich and Geneva offers you glamorous resort towns where you give into exotic spas, restaurants serving you delectable pots of fondue and the upscale boutiques offering you world class designer apparel.

  1. Patara, Turkey

Patara is not only the longest beach of Turkey but is also the most beautiful of all. The white sands, warm shallows and surfable waves make it an ideal beach destination for families. This region in the southern western part of Turkey flanked with the remains of it’s Roman past. Coupled with the exotic weather and the delectable Ottoman cuisine, Patara should be on your vacation list this summer.

  1. Wales, UK

Wales is a land of plunging coastlines, magnificent medieval castles and even today, anchors on it’s conventional Celtic culture and makes for an exemplary summer holiday destination. The country is a reflection of old Britain and exhibits similar rural landscapes like it’s neighbours, Ireland and Scotland. It is said that there are three million people and ten million sheep in Wales. The countryside offers a magical drive alongside the valleys and mountains and a large part of the landscape of the country is still left untouched. While the Welsh culture is experiencing a renaissance with the locals popularizing it’s culinary traditions, the tourism industry has been on the rise ever since.

  1. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish know how to live their lives to the fullest and guarantees the same to their visitors. This beautiful European country is a wonderful association of hillside villages, art museums, erstwhile high rise cathedrals and cafe lined plazas making it an ideal summer holiday spot for the high life lovers. Madrid’s insistence on enjoying life everyday calls for exploring the inventive local cuisine, strolling in the parks, shake a leg with the flamenco dancers or simply partying until dawn. The little pockets of varied local culture and it’s varied landscape across the coast to the Pyrenees are worth experiencing. Madrid is home to the famous Prado Museum.

  1. Cannes, France

First brought into limelight by the fashion magnet Coco Chanel, Cannes has carved a niche for itself as a film and fashion hub. The people living in this French city maintain that ‘Life is a festival’ and the city attracts a large number of tourists in summers owing to it’s magnificent beaches, exotic sea food and drinks. De la Boca and Plages du Midi are the most famous public beaches of Cannes.

  1. Nantes, France

Also in France, Nantes boasts of an exquisite past having been the historical capital of the erstwhile Duke of Brittany. This young and vibrant metropolitan city is a unique example of medieval French art and architecture by being flanked with fortresses, quarters and cathedrals. If you are a art and history lover, Nantes should be on your ‘must visit’ list of cities.

  1. Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium

Tucked away into the European continent is the diminutive country of Belgium. Also known as the administrative centre of Europe, this little country exudes a multicultural atmosphere where abbeys and medieval cities are still found. The country has preserved the battlegrounds of the World Wars which exude an aura of nostalgia. Brussels and Antwerp are perhaps the only cities where globalization has seeped in although both of them widely differ in their character. While Brussels is flanked with Art deco       buildings and grand squares, Antwerp is more of a shopping destination flanked with numerous high fashion boutiques and designer stores. Antwerp is also host to plentiful diamond stores.


     10. Corfu, Greece

When you think about Greece, you imagine the white washed houses along the clear blue water bodies and the sweet sun. Well, it is actually Corfu, in Greece what you see. Studded with the remains of the Greek temples, Byzantine Churches and Venetian forts, Corfu is a stunning representation of Greece as a whole. The town exudes an eponymous charm while the surrounding villages such as Kassiopi transports you back to the ancient times. Head to the shore of the Canal D’Amour to soak yourself in mineral mud and enjoy the experiences of a natural spa therapy.

Europe is host to some of the most beautiful countries and cities of the world although a last moment summer holiday planning can lead to your trip becoming much expensive. You could make a thorough research on the web about the destinations you would like to visit and make your arrangements much in advance to avail the best of offers and discounts.

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