Top 5 Vans for Courier work

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Ford transit – It’s a classic for a reason. The Ford Transit is a reliable industry standard and great for those moving large items. Your classic white van is capable of shifting most items and is well known for being reliable on short and long journeys.

Mercedes Benz – Vito – You see this vehicle on the road more and more. It’s getting a reputation as being a great contender to the Ford Transit. It’s a comfy and stable ride and has bags of space in the back for packages of all sizes.

Ford Transit Courier – A bit smaller than the normal Transit, the Courier is great for… well couriers really. If you need to nip about town with smaller parcels as well as get from city to city, this is the one we would choose.

Citroen Berlingo – A good choice for those looking for great miles per gallon. What’s more the passenger seat folds down to create more space for carrying your goods plus for the size of the vehicle, they have a great load height.

Volkswagon Caddy – If you are looking for something smaller for nipping about town, you can’t go far wrong with the VW Caddy. VW’s are known for their build quality and reliability and the Caddy is no different. It has the ‘clunk’ when you shut the doors

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