What Do I Need to Be a Fast Food Delivery Driver?

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Fast food delivery represents a booming industry in the UK of late. As per this The Guardian article, demand for food deliveries to the doorstep has grown 10x faster compared to dining out in recent times. No wonder, fast food delivery drivers have excellent career opportunities before them. In regards to payment structure, the hourly rate is something around £7 per hour or a handy £4.25 per drop. Additionally, if you can keep your customer happy, they will return the favor with generous tips. with most of the restaurants in the UK not charging any commission from the tips received by drivers.

Are you too looking forward to a career as a fast food delivery driver? We think it’s a brilliant idea giving the rising popularity of the industry that we are witnessing today. So, what do you need to be a fast food delivery driver? Well, definitely excellent driving skills and fast food delivery driver insurance are the pre-requisites. But there is a list of additional requirements too.

Check out our list and top tips on how to become a fast food delivery driver.

Pro driving skills

Now, this one is a no-brainer. If you want to excel as a fast food delivery driver, you must be confident of your driving skills- more precisely “safe” driving skills. A delivery driver has to drive for hours, especially if you choose to be a full-time driver. It means you must be able to man the wheel for longer hours and with greater stability. Speedy driving is fundamental since you will be joining a fast food delivery industry. But rash driving is a strict no-no. Accidents while on duty will deal a severe blow to your reputation in the industry and your career overall. So, be careful to drive fast (within the legal limit of course!) and safe.

Additionally, it would be better if you can hone up your driving skills in multiple types of vehicles. While motorcycles are the most common in city centre environments, fast food delivery drivers are also be required to deliver in car, van and even trucks in some circumstances. You will have better career opportunities if you learn to drive and have access to various kinds of vehicles.

Time management skills

This is another important skill you should have to if you want to work in fast food delivery industry!

A fast food delivery driver has to manage multiple drops in a day. And every customer wants his/her food delivered as fast as possible. It calls for strong time management skills on the part of the driver. As a fast food delivery driver, you may have to pick up food from multiple restaurants or takeaways. This means you have to be extremely meticulous with your pickup and delivery schedules.

Access to delivery vehicles

Of course, you can use your own vehicle as a fast food delivery driver! Most fast food delivery employers want their drivers to come up with their own vehicle. So, if you are able to offer your vehicle for delivery, you will always earn extra brownie points from your employer. But, of course, the vehicle needs to be in a maintained and safe condition.

Fast food delivery driver insurance

If you are ready to offer your own car for the delivery service, you must get a fast food delivery driver insurance beforehand. A fast food delivery driver is always in a rush given the very nature of his service industry. You have to deliver food to customers exactly on scheduled times. Moreover, delivery drivers have to cover multiple stops. Both these factors make a delivery vehicle and driver prone to accidents.  Your regular car insurance won’t cover the liabilities incurred while using your vehicle for fast food delivery. Thus, a fast food delivery driver insurance is a must here. This kind of insurance is specially designed keeping in mind the fast food delivery industry and is able to cover typical nuances of the job. If you need help with your insurances, you can find out more by calling our office on 0330 808 1500 or clicking here.

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