Can I use my own car as a fast food delivery driver?

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Many fast food restaurants require all drivers to have their own vehicles for use in the course of their work. However, it would be a mistake to think you can simply use your car for fast food delivery purposes, even if you have ‘business use’ added to your standard car insurance policy.

Indeed, to legally work as a fast food delivery driver, you will require Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance. Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance is essentially a specialised form of Hire and Reward cover – which is a class of insurance use that allows drivers to legally carry other people’s goods in exchange for a fee.

Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance incorporates all the cover you need into one simplified policy so it is well worth investing in, aside from the fact that it’s illegal to work as a fast food delivery driver without it.

For more information or a quote, visit our Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance page.

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