What happens on a drink driving course?

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If you have been convicted of drink driving, the judge may request that you complete a drink driving course.

What are drink driving courses like? We’ve put together some facts about these courses, and the type of thing you can expect if you attend one.

You will learn all about drink driving and the law

During the course, you will learn all about the law in relation to drink driving. This is so that you can be absolutely clear as to what is considered too much to drink before driving, and what the safe limit is.

You will set goals to achieve change

The whole point of a drink driving course is to educate the offender enough so that they can make a positive change to their drinking and driving habits.

Towards the end of your final course session, you will set goals to achieve change. These goals will be personal to you, and will vary depending on your offence, and how much you feel you have learned during the course.

You may get back on the road early

If you choose to complete a drink driving course, your driving ban may be shortened, and you can look for drink drivers insurance earlier.

However, this depends on the court ruling.

There are no exams

Contrary to popular belief, there are no exams at the end of a drink driving course.

You do not ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ the course, you just complete it. However, you are expected to participate fully in the course discussions, and show enthusiasm for what you are learning.

Failure to participate could result in your driving ban being re-assessed.

How long do drink driving courses take to complete?

Drink driving courses usually take around 16 hours to complete, over three to four separate sessions.

Facts about drink driving:

  • If you have been out drinking, you aren’t necessarily sober enough to drive the morning after.
  • Driving or attempting to drive while drunk could mean you end up facing a prision sentence.
  • Approximately three quarters of fatal car accidents that happen between the hours of midnight and 3am involve alcohol.

Nearly one in six deaths on the road in the UK are alcohol related.

If you have completeted a drink driving course then you may be ready to find drink drivers insurance, which we can of course help you with. 

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