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Insurance Revolution Launches New Website and Branding

We are thrilled to announce that Insurance Revolution has launched a brand-new website and refreshed its branding, marking an exciting new chapter for our company. This revamp is designed to improve the customer experience and better reflect our commitment to excellence and putting the customer before all else.


A Modern, User-Friendly Insurance Revolution Website

Our new website has been carefully crafted to provide our customers with a seamless and easy-to-use experience. With a clean, modern design and simple interface, finding the right insurance products has never been easier. The updated site features:

  • Streamlined navigation lets you quickly access information about our services, products, and company values.
  • Responsive design for a consistent and optimised browsing experience on any device, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Redesigned online quote forms so you can quickly request quotes and easily get in touch with a member of the team.


Insurance Revolution Has a Fresh New Look

In addition to our website overhaul, we have reimagined our brand identity to better represent who we are and where we’re going. Our new branding includes the following:


  • An updated logo to reflect a modern and professional image, symbolising our dedication to human-first insurance broking.
  • A refreshed colour palette with new colours that are vibrant and contemporary, conveying our dynamic approach to insurance.
  • A consistent brand voice that conveys clarity, professionalism, and approachability in all our communications.


Insurance Revolution’s Human-First Approach

Our mission, vision, and values are centred around Insurance Revolution’s humanised approach to broking. We believe we can make a real change in the insurance industry, particularly for those facing high premiums, poor service, and a lack of understanding.


Our Mission

At Insurance Revolution, our mission to find the best insurance policies for our customers by going beyond the standard application process and helping them to tell their story to insurers.


Our Vision

We want Insurance Revolution to be the first insurance broker people think of when they need to find niche insurance cover.


Our Values


At Insurance Revolution, we believe that respect forms the very foundation of our interactions, shaping the way we engage with both our valued customers and esteemed colleagues. We are committed to fostering an environment where respect is not just a virtue, but a guiding principle that influences every facet of our operations.


The principle of fairness is at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that treating our customers and colleagues with equality and impartiality is not just a responsibility, but a moral obligation that defines our identity and shapes our success as a motor insurance broker.


We believe that open and honest communication with both our valued customers and colleagues is the cornerstone of our success as a motor insurance provider.


Transparency is not just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that underscores our commitment to integrity, accountability, and trustworthiness. We find the most appropriate insurance policies for our customers by going beyond the standard application process and helping them to tell their story to insurers.


Our new website and branding are just two examples of how we’re working to improve your experience with us. We invite you to explore our new website and discover all the changes we’ve made. Thank you for being a valued part of our journey. Here’s to a bright future together!