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Navigating the Road to Secure Trade: Unveiling the Considerations of Motor Trade Insurance

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Opening your garage, paint shop, or car lot is exciting. However, many hidden pitfalls can cause you to blow out and take your business off the road. In this 2-minute read, we’ll highlight the different types of motor trade business insurance you need to protect your business should something unexpected happen.

Tailored Business Car Coverage for Every Business Type

Car Dealer Insurance For Motor Car Sales

For those businesses in car sales, just like there are opportunities, there are just as many risks, which means you’ll need to find an appropriate car dealer insurance policy. A tailored Motor Trade insurance policy should protect against potential damages to the vehicles on your lot, provide a safety net against theft concerns, and extend coverage for test drives. Not having to worry about a payout if the worst happens gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

Bodyshop and Car Maintenance Insurance

Workshops and spray businesses are important for vehicle maintenance, and the right motor trade insurance should leave no room for uncertainty. Your car repair insurance policy must cover your workshop against accidental damages, protecting your tools and equipment. Picture a scenario where a customer’s car gets damaged in your hands by an accidental oil spill. Finding the most appropriate repair or car maintenance insurance policy will protect your business and reputation without you suffering a financial scare.

Car Repair Insurance

As a mechanic, the smooth turning of wheels is your expertise. Your Motor Trade insurance must include public liability coverage, protecting yourself from potential injury claims on your premises, which is where specialised car maintenance insurance comes in handy. If a customer were to slip on some oil in your garage, you could be in for a big claim against you. Having the correct level of motor trade business insurance will cover you if something like this was to happen.

Car Recovery and Vehicle Transport Insurance

Transport cars for a living? We’re sure you already know how unpredictable the roads can be. This means you should also know how important it is to find a vehicle transport insurance policy that provides the level of coverage your business needs. Comprehensive Motor Trade insurance should cover your fleet against accidents and damages during transit. It’s the comfort of knowing that even if the unexpected happens on the road, your cargo will be protected if a claim is made against you.

Valeting and Car Trader Insurance

Whether selling vehicles or offering valet services, a tailored Motor Trade insurance policy is vital. A bespoke car dealer insurance can provide coverage for third-party liabilities, safeguarding your business in the event one of your customer’s vehicles happens to get damaged under your care.

Ensuring that you have the most appropriate insurance policy is a safety net, ensuring a minor hiccup doesn’t escalate into a major roadblock and that your business’s credibility and customer trust stay intact. If you want to buy motor trade insurance online, simply complete our online form on our dedicated car dealer insurance page or call our team on 0330 808 1117.

Buy Motor Trade Insurance Online Today

There’s a lot to know about Motor Trade insurance, which means finding the right partner is key. Our tailored motor trade business insurance solutions are designed to support you and your business needs. They will provide a smooth ride even when the road gets bumpy, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best: driving your business to success in the motor trade industry.

Your business deserves a partner who understands the twists and turns of the industry, providing you with a safety net no matter whether you need a ‘motor trade insurance working from home’ policy or cover tailored to provide comprehensive car dealer insurance for motor traders.

Ready to hit the road with confidence? Request a Motor trade insurance quote from Insurance Revolution today.