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How Much Do Uber Drivers Make

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There are benefits to becoming an Uber driver, such as flexible working hours from choosing when and where you work, but is the money you can make also a benefit? We wanted to find out how much money you can make as an Uber driver.

Unfortunately, this is very difficult to answer as there are so many variables in play that can affect how much you are likely to earn, but we can take a look at some of those variables.

Uber rate changes around the country

You might be surprised to learn that Uber does not cost the same around the country, so it may be easier to make more money driving for Uber in certain parts of the UK.

The way Uber calculates its fares is it will estimate the distance and duration of the trip and will then apply a set of rates, but these rates vary across the country. In general, you would earn more money driving in London, or one of the other busy major cities like Manchester or Birmingham.

For instance, let’s compare the base rate charges between two cities, Belfast and Oxford, using information from Uber’s website. This comparison can give you a good idea of how rates can vary and potentially impact your earnings.

City  Product Driver Rate Off Peak Peak
Belfast  UberX Minimum £3.00 £3.40
Base £1.85 £2.10
Per Mile £0.85 £0.96
Per Minute £0.12 £0.14
City Product Driver Rate Off Peak Peak
Oxford UberX Minimum £4.15
Base £2.00
Per Mile £1.04
Per Minute £0.12

How many hours do Uber drivers do in a week?

If you work for Uber, it’s up to you how many hours you work, whether you treat it as a full-time job or just some extra money on the side. Uber drivers can range from working 20 hours per week to working more than 45 hours a week, and it goes without saying that the more hours you work, the more you can earn. Uber has stated in the past that the average number of hours worked weekly by its drivers is 30.

There are limitations in place which help the safety of their drivers. In 2018 they introduced a rule for their drivers that meant they needed to take at least a 6 hour break after 10 hours of driving.

Holiday pay for Uber drivers

Holidays do not work in the same way for Uber drivers as they do for most jobs, as you can choose when to work. If you want to take two weeks off to visit somewhere sunny, you can do that, but Uber drivers are still entitled to holiday pay. Every week, Uber drivers will receive an extra payment of 12.07% of their earnings. This payment is put through automatically, and you don’t need to book holidays; you can still take time off whenever you want. The more you earn that week, the more you will take in holiday pay also.

Do Uber drivers pay for their own petrol?

One of the things to consider when working out if driving for Uber is right for youis that you do have to pay for your own petrol, which can be a pretty big expense. It may be possible to save money in the long run by switching to an electric car, as this may eat into your profits less.

National Living Wage for Uber drivers

All Uber drivers are entitled to earn the National Living Wage, which is currently set at £9.50 per hour and will rise to £10.42 an hour in April 2023. You can only earn this on time spent working, meaning if you earn less than the National Living Wage in any particular hour spent working, Uber will top up your wage to meet it. Obviously, if you earn more than the National Living Wage, Uber will not make any adjustments to your pay.

How much do Uber drivers get paid per fare?

This is a simple oneUber takes 25% of all fares. So for example if you complete a £10 fare, £2.50 of that is going to Uber, and you will be paid £7.50.

Do Uber drivers keep tips?

Uber may take a percentage of your fares, but if a passenger leaves you a tip on the app when their ride is completed, you will keep 100% of the tip. So you could earn good money by providing a great service.

Do Uber drivers pay for their own insurance?

Another thing to consider is that Uber drivers have to arrange and pay for their own insurance. You will require a private hire insurance policy, also known as hire and reward insurance. We can help you find a taxi insurance policy that suits your needs.

How much do Uber drivers get paid?

There is no set answer to this. Even researching it online yields different results from various sources. As we said above, many factors determine how much you can get paid working for Uber. You need to consider your circumstances and whether Uber driving is right for you.

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