Do I need special insurance to be a fast food delivery driver?

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Do I need special insurance to be a fast food delivery driver?

To drive legally as a fast food delivery driver, you require specialist insurance. At Insurance Revolution, we work across this field, helping clients to purchase the right cover for their business.


What do I need to be a fast food delivery driver?

You need to make sure your vehicle is fully insured. Without the right insurance, you could face an IN10 if stopped by the police, or any claim you make whilst driving as a fast food delivery driver could be voided. If this was to happen, you might have to pay the expenses of any other person involved in the accident including fixing their vehicle or property as well as paying compensation if they were injured.

Most standard car insurance policies do not cover you for hire and reward or fast food delivery. With Insurance Revolution, you can purchase a car policy including comprehensive cover which also allows you to drive your vehicle, as either a part-time or full-time fast food delivery driver.


How much does fast food delivery insurance cost?

We will be honest, this insurance often costs more than a standard car insurance policy.

The reason why is that often, as a delivery driver, you will face pressures that standard drivers often wouldn’t. For example, as a delivery driver, you need to deliver the food you transport to the customers within a short time frame. This might affect the way you drive, and the choices you make whilst you are behind the wheel.

In addition, delivery drivers often cover a large number of miles, despite working in a small area of the country, or even the city they live in. Those extra miles mean that you might be on the road longer than standard drivers and face additional risks such as night time driving or even icy and wintry conditions.


What if I take the risk with my insurance?

As mentioned earlier, if you were to be found driving without the correct insurance, you could face a driving conviction which you would need to notify future insurers of. Often, driving convictions increase the costs of your vehicle insurance, and many insurers simply will not insure convicted drivers.

What is more, if you under insure yourself, and drive for reasons that are not covered on your insurance policy, any future claims may be rejected by your insurer. For example, if you were driving to deliver food and crashed into a wall, you could end up with your insurance cancelled, and have to pay to fix the damages to your vehicle and the wall that you hit. Cancelled insurance policies also, often mean the cost of your future insurance can increase.

If the accident was with another vehicle, you could have to pay for any damages to the other vehicle, and to the people in the vehicle too. Depending on the injury to the individual, this could cost a lot of money for things such as loss of earnings, compensation for inconvenience and even rehabilitation costs.

How do I get fast food delivery driver insurance?

At Insurance Revolution we specialise in finding insurance for fast food delivery drivers. You can get a quote by visiting our Fast Food Driver Insurance page here. We offer combined policies allowing you to drive for social, domestic and pleasure as well as fast food delivery.


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