Will I struggle to get car insurance if I have bad credit?

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Everyone makes mistakes, but past failures to keep up with your monthly payments or credit agreements can make your life very difficult, as they can result in you being slapped with a poor credit rating.

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Having bad credit can be a real hindrance when you try to obtain a loan or a credit card, as lenders believe you are likely to fall behind on your repayments.

The same is true when you come to renew your car insurance, as most insurers now conduct credit checks.

While the main population of insurers will agree to insure you, they will often charge you an abnormally high premium because you have bad credit.

But Insurance Revolution is different.

We specialise in finding insurance for people who generally find it more difficult, such as people who drive for a living, people with motoring convictions and people with bad credit.

We don’t waste time judging you and instead focus our resources on securing you the most appropriate cover for your personal circumstances.

Insurance Revolution can also help you avoid the high premiums you will be quoted by comparison sites due to the strong relationships we have built with many of the UK’s leading insurers.

These relationships mean we can always negotiate to provide the best prices possible for our customers and our staff will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the service we have provided.

Visit our Bad Credit Insurance page for more information.

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