Will I make money as a fast food delivery driver?

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Becoming a fast food delivery driver can be a tempting career move – you can use your own car and earn some extra cash – but there are downsides too, and many people thinking about becoming a fast food delivery driver wonder whether they will make decent money.

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But fear not, Insurance Revolution has put together this handy list of the pros and cons of being a fast food delivery driver.

The Pros

Tips – Before you take on a job, make sure you are clear on the company’s policy on tips. Many restaurants allow their delivery drivers to keep 100 per cent of their tips, so they can be a nice supplement to your wage if you choose your employer carefully.

Wage – Most restaurants pay their delivery drivers minimum wage, supplemented with an extra payment per delivery. Again, check your company’s policy before you take on a job, as some restaurant’s pay 70p per delivery, while others pay £1.50 or more, which makes a big difference if you’re doing the job full time.

Petrol – If you earn a sufficient amount in tips and per delivery, you can earn enough money to cover your petrol costs, as well as a nice profit on top. Indeed, with the price of petrol being so low at the moment, now is as good a time as any to get into the fast food delivery business.

The Cons

Wear and Tear – Most couriers and fast food delivery drivers will tell you that driving long distances for an extended period of time will take its toll on your vehicle. If your car is your pride and joy, fast food delivery may not be for you.

Mileage – Your mileage will sharply rise if you are working as a fast food delivery driver, which can reduce the value of your vehicle when you come to resell it. But if you’re only looking to work in fast food delivery in the short term or you’re not looking to sell your car any time soon, mileage isn’t too much of a problem.

Insurance – If you are working as a delivery driver, you need specific Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance, which will naturally cost you more than the most basic motor insurance policy. If you are caught driving without the right insurance, you could lose your job, as well as being slapped with a motoring conviction and points on your licence.

But Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth, Insurance Revolution specialises in finding appropriate cover for couriers and delivery drivers, meaning we can always find you a great price.

Visit our Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance page for more information.

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