Why Should You Change To Electric Cars?

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In the UK, electric cars have brought about a revolution on the roads marking the end of pollution, emission, congestion and road accidents. They bring a number of economic, social and environmental benefits. The UK is one of the leading markets in terms of automobile research and technology and the Government is actively assisting in facilitating the testing and production of vehicles which reduce carbon emissions. There is no doubt that electric cars are one of the largest and greatest innovations of the automobile industry of this century.

Some companies manufacture pure electric cars which the rest offer hybrid automobiles which can run on both electricity as well as gas. A recent survey has revealed that in London, 90% of the car trips are accomplished within 10 kms, which means that almost every daily travelling can be done using electric cars.

What is an electric car?

Electric cars are equipped with a lithium ion battery which can be recharged at various charging points at home, at the workplace or specific stations on the roads. Electrical vehicles are of two types:

  • A pure EV or a Battery Electronic Vehicle (BEV) which operates only on the battery charging system. The recent models of EVs can pick up a speed of up to 160 km per hour.
  • A hybrid EV, also known as Plug in Hybrid EVs (PHEV) or Range Extended EVs (RE EVs) which also has a parallel fuel or gas engine, therefore making these vehicles more enduring and sturdy.

Why electric cars will work in the UK?

Electric cars can offer numerous potential benefits and can change the lives of the motorists for the better. Below listed are some of the vital reasons why you should change to electric cars.

  1. Nil Emissions

Electric cars are completely eco friendly as they operate on electrically powered engines. The clean energy source does not emit toxic smoke, thus, promoting a greener and healthier environment which is the need of the hour.

  1. Savings on fuel

Although electricity does come for free, it is definitely less expensive than petrol or diesel. Numerous electric vehicle manufacturing companies offer incentives to get back money from the government for becoming eco friendly. Government incentives for electric cars are currently available in the UK as well as USA. Currently the UK government offers a 25% grant towards the cost of the electrical vehicle, up to a maximum of GBP 5000. The grant will be available until March 2017 or until the stipulated number of cars have made the claim, whichever happens earlier.

  1. Low maintenance cost

Electric cars are far easier to maintain owing to their engines which do not need lubrication and there is no need to send them to the service stations as often as one would send the petrol or diesel cars.

  1. Road Safety

Electric cars will improve road safety because in cases of accidents, the electricity supply will be cut off from the battery and air bags would open up which will prevent the driver and the passengers from serious injuries.

  1. Reduced Noise Emissions

Electric cars can render high speed smooth drive over longer distances. Their pick up and manoeuvring is noiseless making them a better bet for driving as compared to the fuel cars.

  1. Growing Innovation

The UK is a premium global location for the trying and testing of electric cars. The country today has produced some of the finest scientists, innovators, automobile engineers and has world class facilities for investment in improving EVs and HVs.

  1. Inexpensive car insurance

The greatest expensive of maintaining a car is the annual insurance premium. Many of the electric cars fall under group 1, making the car insurance premium less expensive.

  1. No Road Tax

Electric cars are exempted from paying road tax although a tax disc is required and neither do you have to pay the London congestion charge once you pay a GBP 10 as registration fee. Parking is free in certain parts of London and other cities.

The Future of Electric cars in the UK

The popularity of electric cars has been on the rise with over 50000 electric cars future of electric cars on the UK roads as compared to 3500 three years ago. A constantly improving technology in the manufacture of electric cars and increase of recharge stations have assisted to shift the focus of the UK motorists towards EVs and HVs. As on February 2016, there are 10,316 public charging points at about 3765 locations, out of which there are 1895 rapid charging points at about 650 locations.

The largest car factory in the UK, Nissan’s Sunderland plant was given a grant of GBP 20.7 million from the British Government and up to GBP 220 million by the European investment bank for the manufacture of Electric cars. This plant has the capacity to produce about 50,000 Nissan Leafs , one of the most popular Electric cars in UK, in one year. Apart from the Leaf, some of the noteworthy electric cars which can be purchased in the UK are Volkswagen eUP, Renault Zoe, BMWi3, Kia Soul EV, Tesla Model S and VE eGolf. EV manufacturers such as Smart, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Peugeot have also ventured in with their electric cars making the UK market bigger and more competitive.

Thus the future of electric cars looks quite bright as numerous manufacturers are ready to launch their plug in cars in the market within the next twelve months. The electric car does not cost a comb as before and has become a viable option for numerous motorists in the UK, owing to the UK government’s Plug In Car Grant now guaranteed till 2018.

In order to improve the air quality in London, the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy          (MAQS) has targeted to place 100,000 electric cars on the London streets by 2020.

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