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The Insurance Revolution new drug driving law survey 2015-03-31

We recently surveyed 1,000 UK drivers in an attempt to determine what people think about the new drug driving law. We were particularly interested to know whether people found the new law confusing, whether those who take prescription drugs feel at risk and whether drivers thought the new law would be of benefit. Our anonymous survey was carried out by market research specialists, OnePoll.

Key facts from the OnePoll survey include:

  • 3% of drivers said they did not know enough about the new law to understand it fully
  • 8% of the UK panel believe the new law will result in less drug-driving related accidents
  • But the 38.2% of those people said the repercussions for those driving under the influence of drugs is not severe enough
  • Nearly 10% of males surveyed have been convicted for drink driving
  • More than a quarter of people surveyed feel ‘at risk’ if they are currently taking medication

Insurance Revolution head operating officer, Mark Rigby, said: “The fact that more than half of drivers surveyed are still confused about the new drug driving law is very concerning.

“People clearly aren’t sure which legal drugs are affected by the new law and we believe there needs to be far more information available.

“We are 100% against drug-driving and believe it needs to be wiped out, but people are clearly confused and that needs to be addressed.

Access the data

You can download the raw data from our survey below, with sheets segmented by  gender region and age.


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