Is the cost of motor insurance really rising?

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There has been much discussion in the news recently about the rising cost of motor insurance and increasing insurance premiums, but as Insurance Revolution head operating officer, Mark Rigby explains, this is not something our customers need to worry about.

At Insurance Revolution, we are able to avoid spiralling costs on behalf of our clientele because we deal with each of our customers on a personal level and treat every quote on an individual basis.

“We’re not like a comparison site, which will just run your details through a computer system and come up with a generic answer, we work on an personal basis,” said Mark.

“We’ll look at you as an individual and, depending on your circumstances, your premium may well be less than what you were paying last year.”

Insurance Revolution applies this model to a wide spectrum of people, including drivers with convictions, young people wanting to insure super cars and even drivers who live in areas where it is traditionally more expensive to ensure a car, such as Greater Manchester.

Mark said: “Someone might live in what is perceived to be a bad area, but there may be factors which make them a good risk, such as having a garage, living in a cul-de-sac, or having a low amount of claims.

“Equally, someone may have been driving for 20 years with no claims, but have had one accident in the last year, resulting in them losing their no claims bonus and their premium shooting up.

“But we recognise that everyone will need to make a claim at some point, and by taking the time to build an accurate picture of our customers, we can find the most appropriate policy for them.”

The same applies to drivers with convictions, who often find it very difficult to get insured at all.

“Someone might have a drink driving conviction for example, but at Insurance Revolution we understand that everyone makes mistakes and the quote we manage to obtain entirely depends on the details,” said Mark.

“The person may have been a really low risk previously, but then one day they decide to drive home when they’ve been drinking the night before and they get stopped.

“But we would look at that case more closely and make an informed decision based on their specific circumstances.”

Although they may seem worlds apart, young footballers trying to insure their supercars can also encounter similar problems when using comparison sites, but we can help them as well.

For example, a 20-year-old professional footballer trying to get insured on a supercar may seem like an extremely high risk at first glance, but this isn’t always the case

“They may have passed their test at 17 and have been driving since that age,” said Mark.

“Often they will have started with something less powerful and have built up experience in driving those sorts of cars, so even though they’re only 20, they are very used to driving high performance vehicles.

“So in terms of rising premiums, that isn’t really relevant to what we do here at Insurance Revolution, as we treat each individual as an individual and have such good relationships with leading insurers, that we will always do all we can to find the best deal for our customers.”

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