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“Revolutionising the industry and focussed on fairness”

We’re willing to bet that statements something you would never have thought you’d read, especially from an insurance company, right?

Believe it or not, it’s true. The feeling of being able to affect an industry that has so far, largely neglected its customers is what drives us. Our aim is to provide a service that no one else will, this in turn makes us unique as the industry continues to extort customers faced with the task of finding insurance after obtaining convictions, require cover pivotal to performing their job, enabling them to obtain a vehicle from impound or who have a poor credit rating.

No fuss, no going around the houses. Insurance Revolution initially identified how difficult it can be for customers to gain insurance as a convicted driver or following an impounded vehicle. As such, we developed a service focussed on helping you – the individual – out of tight spots and guiding you back into some sense of normality.

Insurance Revolution is exactly what the name suggests – a revolution in the way motoring insurance is provided, particularly for those who can’t acquire it elsewhere at reasonable rates, whatever the reason.

It’s an important theme that we love to get across about Insurance Revolution; everyone is provided for and each case is dealt with individually. There isn’t any judgement and there isn’t a catch. This is why we stand out from the myriad of insurance companies who lack the specialism to work effectively for the likes of motor traders, customers with bad credit or with modified and performance vehicles.

It’s particularly pertinent when some of our existing customers have had numerous problems finding insurance that was right for them. The team are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through all aspects of the policy process meaning you make one phone call, and rest assured you’re achieving the very best the industry has to offer.

As you will have gathered by now, we’re focussing our attention on being providers for a multitude of people with specific needs. Whether it be because of convictions, your occupation or the red tape surrounding having your vehicle impounded, we insure customers with the aim of ensuring paramount satisfaction.

We’re most likely correct in assuming that the process of sorting your motor insurance isn’t exactly what you had planned for your precious spare time, tearing your hair out trying to get someone to listen to your specific needs. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole seems to be the way of some policy providers. However, there’s no need to fear this anymore as we listen and strive to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Still not convinced about Insurance Revolution? Service is at the very essence of what we look to provide and we also want to be subversive in our methods, destroying the fabric of what is considered the norm within the motoring industry.

Whereas numerous insurance providers and brokers pass you from pillar to post in the aim of trying to find you insurance cover, we ensure that you only deal directly with us. This not only cuts costs (savings we pass onto you) but also further supports our mission to achieve enviable customer satisfaction ultimately achieved by revolutionising the way insurance is structured, sold and delivered.

For further information on the way Insurance Revolution are leading change and are your one stop shop for fair cover, follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

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