I’m an insurance broker... Get me out of here!

Insurance Revolution

With the recent return of I’m a celebrity... Get me out of here! to our screens, some Insurance Revolution staff have bravely put themselves forward to take part in our very own ‘bush tucker’ style trial. And we want you to get involved and choose which of our lucky insurance brokers should face the challenge. The chosen person will face a rival broker from Well Dunn Insurance Services*. So make your choice and keep an eye on our social media accounts, as we will be posting videos and photos from the event.

How to play:

  • Look at the above graphic of the Insurance Revolution contestants and select who you would like to take on the ‘bush tucker’ trial
  • Add your selection to our very quick survey, below, before midday on Monday, November 24

Competition closed

*What is Well Dunn?

Well Dunn is an independent insurance broker which specialises in commercial and vehicle insurance, particularly business cars and fleets. Find out more here.

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