Best driving related Christmas presents

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Christmas is around the corner and it is time to sit down with a pen and paper to decide upon the Christmas gifts you intend to buy for your near and dear ones. If you have someone among your family members or within your friends who loves cars and everything that has to do with cars, you can check out the below Christmas driving presents specially created for individuals who cannot have enough of automotives. The list of best driving related Christmas gifts range from approximately £30 to £3500 so that you can select the one which best suits your budget.

  1. Dunhill Wheel Cufflinks in Silver

Dunhill is popular for manufacturing luxury menswear for more than a century now and this coveted brand had begun their business endeavour by producing motoring accessories and apparel. The sleek and stylish Silver Cufflinks are the brand’s attempt to celebrate their origin and comes as wonderful Christmas driving presents for someone obsessed with automotives. The cufflinks are priced at £250 and can be purchased online as well.

  1. Art of the Mustang

With over fifty years of automotive production and approximately 10 million manufactured cars, the Ford Mustang is considered to be America’s most iconic cars. The Art of Mustang by Donald Farr (author) and Tom Loeser (photographer) is a luxurious illustrated coffee table book consisting of stunning studio photography and takes the reader down the 50 years car manufacturing memory of this reputed brand. The photographs primarily focuses on the most popular and interesting Mustangs. These Christmas driving presents are priced at £32.

  1. Jerrycan Travel Case from GCase

If you intended Christmas giftee spends a lot of time behind the wheels travelling, then these sturdy travel cases could be one of the best Christmas gifts ever. Available in a plethora of colours with an extendable handle, a sturdy body and smooth wheels, Christmas driving presents are priced from £105 onwards.

  1. Transitions Drivewear Tarian sunglasses

The Transition Drivewear sunglasses are ideal Christmas gifts for individuals who often embark upon long journeys in their cars. These sunglasses are designed in such a way that they remove glare off the road and provide clarity for driving. The Transitions eyewear technology smartsly adjusts the tint and the colour of the lenses as the light conditions change while driving. The sunglasses provide appropriate UV protection and can be worn across the year for seamless driving. The Christmas driving presents Transition eyewear is priced at £345 onwards.

  1. Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Christmas driving presents effectively clean and protects your cars body work and wheels and renders a feeling as if it is new. Available at Halfords, this three step solution contains a Bodywork Shampoo conditioner, a super resin polish, a wheel cleaner, an instant tyre dressing and an alloy wheel seal – in short, a hamper containing everything you need to care for your car. Priced at £33, this could be a wonderful Christmas gift for the friend who has recently bought a car or is too obsessed with the cleanliness of his vehicle.

  1. Scalextric James Bond Spectre set

You can live your James Bond fantasies with this James Bond Spectre set which includes a scale model of Bond’s Aston Martin DB 10 and a Jaguar C-X 75 with a figure of eight race track and accessories. With this set, you can create your own exciting chases scenes using the gravity defying flying leap. Two hand controllers and power supply included. The spectre set is priced at £130.

  1. Halfords Advanced Professional 200 Piece Socket and Ractchet Spanner set

If you have a friend of family who is a car freak this socket and ractchet spanner set could be a deal Christmas gift. The tools are made from high quality Chrome Vanadium steel and pack a lifetime guarantee so that your giftee can take his car apart, anytime. Available at Halfords, this set comes for £150.

  1. Nextbase In-Car Cam 101 Go dashcam


Much like a CCTV camera, a dashboard camera or a dashcam records view through the windscreen of a car so that there is recorded evidence in the event of an accident. This dashcam from Nextbase is budget friendly, compact and super easy to use and what more? It is also recognized by most of the coveted car insurers and comes in handy for keeping another pair of watchful eyes on the roads.

  1. London Classic Car Show 2017

You can buy your car fanatic loved ones tickets for the London Classic Car show which is to be holed between 23rd and 26th February 2017 and will successfully complete three years since it’s inception. Like each year, this parade will feature classic as well as regular cars on the parade ground while thousands of enthusiasts will cheer them. You will also meet celebrities from the automotive world such as James May, Jenson Button, Chris Evans and David Coulthard. The tickets to the London Classic Car Show 2017 are now available for £24 and you can purchase the tickets as Christmas driving presents for your friend and family from the web itself.

  1. Bentley Blower ride-on model car

This pricey model car in stunning green is claimed to have been carved out by hand and has taken over 60 hours of work. The leather seats are hand stiched and the body of this model car is made from tulipwood and you are to have a personalized number plate as well. This stunning model bears Bentley’s mark of exotic quality and luxury. The aluminum racing wheels have been finished with spoke effect and this model is priced at £3200.


Now that you have a wholistic idea of what driving and automotive related Christmas gifts you can get for your loved ones, it is time for you to consider your budget and pick up something unique and worthwhile which will make it a cherished and worthwhile gifting experience for both of you. Till them, have a blessed festive season and spread love and peace. Merry Christmas!

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