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We’ll Get You Back on the Road After Your Drink Driving Offence

Thousands of people are found guilty of being drunk and in charge of a motor vehicle each year, and we know that finding insurance can feel impossible. We’ll help you find the right motor vehicle insurance policy when you’re ready to get back behind the wheel.

Drunk and in Charge of a Motor Vehicle Insurance: What You Need to Know

Being found drunk and in charge of a motor vehicle can significantly impact a person's insurability and insurance premiums. Insurance companies calculate premiums based on the person's risk profile, and having a conviction for such an offence elevates this because they see you as being more likely to have an accident in the future.

You don't need to be behind the wheel to be found guilty of being in charge of a vehicle while drunk. Instances that count as being drunk and in charge include:

  • Sleeping in your car while over the limit.
  • Walking to your car alone and with your car keys, intending to get inside the vehicle.
  • Driving your car a very short distance, such as moving it from one parking space to another.
  • Driving your car to get home or for any other reason.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Drunk and in Charge of a Motor Vehicle Insurance

Here at Insurance Revolution, our primary goal is to help customers find the insurance they need after being convicted of drinking and driving charges. While having a drink driving offence does make things more difficult, it doesn't mean you should give up – many options are available to help you bounce back.

Because you have a drink driving offence on your record, you'll be seen as a high risk driver, so you should expect higher premiums, but we'll do our best to help you understand your next steps. 

We'll help you get back on the road in no time, and you can start the process by completing our online form, or give us a call.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Mark was great overcome all the issues in his way with my licence not being the cleanest he beat all rates set by other companies and got me the best deal he could of done thanks mark top man.

Mathew O.,



What Happens If You're Caught Drink Driving?

If you're caught drink driving, you could be handed a fine, driving ban, and you could even imprisoned, depending on the severity of the offence. Additionally, you may find it challenging to find insurance in the future as you'll be classed as a high risk driver.

What Does Being Drunk While in Charge of a Motor Vehicle Mean?

Being drunk while in charge of a motor vehicle refers to somebody being over the legal alcohol limit in a vehicle – you don't have to be driving it to be convicted. The exact legal insurance repercussions can be complex, so we recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable brokers to understand what this means.

What Is the Penalty for Being Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle?

The specific penalties may vary depending on the circumstances and the area where you committed the offence, but they will be similar to what we discussed previously. It will be harder for you to find cover, but we can help you find insurance to help you get back on the road legally and safely.

How Does Being Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle Affect My Insurance?

Being convicted of being drunk in charge of a vehicle will likely cause your insurance policy prices to increase considerably. Because of your high risk driver status, some insurers may not offer you a policy. If you don't disclose this offence to your current insurer, you risk having your policy invalidated and being in more legal trouble.

What Are the Insurance Options for Someone Convicted of Being Drunk and in Charge?

While you should still expect to pay more for a drink driving offence, there are some other things you can do to lower your costs. It may be wise to downsize to a car with a smaller engine, while having a speed limiter or telematics (black box) device fitted may also help. We can discuss these options in greater detail when you contact us.

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