What is CMR?

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CMR is the ‘Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road’ and is a consignment note which allows for goods to be transported by road throughout Europe. More than 55 EU countries have signed up to the CMR Convention, which means any UK courier or haulier carrying goods within Europe will almost always be required to produce a CMR at customs or when unloading a consignment. The CMR Convention is not applicable to UK couriers and hauliers working solely within the UK.

A CMR note is a single sheet of paper, printed in both French and English, which requires hauliers to state basic facts about their delivery. The form is simple and is essentially a basic standard, which acts as a universally recognised and accepted format for the movement of goods around Europe. The CMR states what the goods being carried are, the weight of the load and sometimes the worth of the consignment.

The CMR confirms that the carrier of the goods, i.e. the haulier or courier, has taken on the liability, or legal responsibility, for the goods they are carrying. As such, CMR insurance is necessary requirement for those in the haulage industry.

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