What are the cheapest cars to insure for previously convicted drivers?

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What are the cheapest cars to insure for previously convicted drivers?

If you have previously had a driving conviction, you may have realised that seeking insurance becomes a lot tougher due to the higher premiums. When insurers calculate your premium, it is not just the driver itself that factors into the pricing. There are many factors including, address, occupation and a big factor is the vehicle. Previous driving convictions means you will already be paying more for your car insurance. So choosing a car that costs less to insure is one way to make driving more affordable for you. Below are some of the lowest cost vehicles to insure in the UK in 2020.

Car insurance groups

Firstly, we will explain the car insurance group system. Each vehicle is ranked by insurers and put into groups 1-50. 1 being the cheapest group of cars to insure and 50 being the most expensive. Each vehicle is ranked based on two main factors, the probability of the vehicle causing damage, plus how much damage it could cause. The second factor being how much it would cost to repair the vehicle. As well as these two main factors, retail price and security also come into play when deciding what insurance group the vehicle belongs in. 

So if you are struggling to find insurance after receiving driving convictions it is best to look at purchasing a vehicle in one of the lower insurance groups which we will look at now. 

Top Ten Best Insurance Group 1 Cars

It is worth knowing that not all models of the same car would fall into the same insurance group. You can find sites that allow you to input vehicle makes and models and they check the specific insurance group for you. There are many options, cars listed in the 1-5 insurance groups would be a good bet for obtaining a decent insurance quote if you have driving convictions. Below are, what we believe to be the best vehicles that have models in the lowest insurance group. 


  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Skoda Fabia
  • Nissan Micra
  • Smart Forfour
  • Ford Ka
  • Skoda Citigo
  • Volkswagen Up!
  • Seat Mii
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Citroen C1


Finding convicted driver insurance

We believe that it is advisable to stick with a car in a lower insurance group whilst you still have driving convictions to disclose. The combination of convictions and a vehicle in a high insurance group is unlikely to generate a quote you would be happy with. This does not mean you would have to stick with the lower insurance group cars indefinitely. Once you start driving again after receiving your convictions you can earn no claims bonus, plus if you drive incident free for a few years your driving convictions are eventually wiped off your driving record, and you can get to a point where you do not need to disclose them to insurers anymore. This should start to decrease your insurance premiums and you would be free to start looking at vehicles in a higher insurance group again. 
Of course this is all just advice. If you feel you can afford the higher premiums sticking with the vehicle of your choosing then you can still find insurance. Whatever you decide to do with your vehicle, we can help you find insurance. 

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