What are RHA Conditions?

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RHA or Road Haulage Association Conditions are the recognised industry standard ‘conditions of carriage’ for hauliers and can only legally used by members of the association.

In insurance terms, they are a form of Goods in Transit cover, along with CMR Insurance and All Risks Insurance. As a haulier, you can refer the conditions to Insurance Revolution and we will secure any necessary adjustments to your insurance cover.

RHA conditions dictate how much freight you can carry, most commonly £1,300 or £6,500 per tonne.

While All Risks, CMR and RHA Insurance can all cover you up to say £50,000, RHA Insurance can be cheaper. All Risks Insurance provides unrestricted cover and CMR Insurance allows you to carry goods in Europe, but some hauliers may not drive in the EU or do not mind having certain restrictions imposed. In such cases, RHA Insurance can be a good choice as it can be a more affordable option.

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