The Most Annoying Things About Driving

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Everyone likes to believe that they have amazing driving skills. As a result, we criticize almost every driver around us pointing out instances of their queer driving habits. However, if we monitor ourselves closely, we will notice that many of us exhibit some typical bad driving habits, which we might profess unknowingly.

Given below are ten such annoying things about driving which have been established after a research about the worst driving habits and the frequency in which they have occurred over a given period of time. Such annoying habits put off your co-drivers, pedestrians and your fellow passengers.

  1. Talking over the phone

Almost all of us have had the experience of getting stuck behind someone who is so engrossed with the conversation over his phone that he forgets to drive the speed limit. No, sticking to the slow lanes is not the solution but refraining from using the phone while driving is. Phone conversations behind the wheel are one of the most annoying things about driving. It confuses your fellow drivers, increases chances of accidents and much still, is a punishable offence by law.

  1. Not using indicators

Indicators are there for a reason and not using them portrays arrogance. They are used to denote if the diver intends to switch lanes, take the left or right turn or pause on a sideway only for a moment. However, numerous motorists do not feel the use of making optimum use of the indicators. One of the most annoying things about driving is not signalling promptly and appropriately so that the fellow drivers are not confused or flabbergasted. Signalling after you have taken the turn ahead is of no use. Signalling is a good driving habit and can minimize the chances of a collision. The thumb rule is to first check your blind spot, switch your indicators and then turn.

  1. Day Dreaming

There are plenty of day dreaming motorists who do not realize that their turning lane is approaching until last minute when they attempt to cross several lanes of traffic, making everyone else around get irritated and annoyed. Ideally in this case, one should drive away if the lane has been missed and then find a suitable turn to come around. Honking your way through is not good driving manners.

  1. Leaving high beams on

Our vision is limited when we drive after dusk so the lesser we see, the badly we drive. So when a car from the opposite direction flashes their headlights on your eyes, he is not only annoying you, he is also compromising your ability to drive carefully. High beam flashes the eye of the driver and he will be unable to place the position of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction, leading to accidents. Alternately, poor beams can also be fatal. Therefore, if the drivers in the opposite direction flash their headlights on you, and you are not able to figure out why, then first check if your headlights are on and next confirm that the high beam is turned off. If both of these aspects are ok then you need to get a mechanic to check your headlight’s alignment.

  1. Speeding and Braking unnecessarily

There is no need to speed on a busy road when you know that soon you have to slow down or stop at a traffic signal. However many drivers in the UK do not get this. Unnecessary speeding and braking consumes more fuel and causes damage to the gears and the clutch of the car.

  1. Weather conditions

No matter how experienced a driver you are, bad weather conditions could be one of the foremost annoying things about driving. Rainfall and water logging roads require the driver to be absolutely patient while driving the car to avoid skidding. Similarly, foggy days make it totally impossible to view the road ahead. Refrain from venturing out on such days unless absolutely necessary and never forget to keep the fog light switched on for a better viewing and navigation.

  1. Unnecessary Beeping

No, unnecessary honking is not cool. In fact, it is one of the most annoying things about driving. It upsets pedestrians, fellow drivers and your co passengers. Honking contributes to noise pollution and regular exposure to unnecessary noise causes nausea, headaches and dizziness. Refrain from pressing the horns unnecessarily especially near schools and hospitals and use it once or twice until absolute necessary.

  1. Pacing to prevent other vehicles passing

Some motorists do it consciously while others do it unconsciously. Imagine if you are passing a vehicle by speeding up and suddenly the vehicle also speeds up and zooms past you, how would you feel. Alternatively, if you have slowed down to let the fellow speeding drivers cross you, and you realize they have slowed down too, naturally you will feel frustrated.  Such annoying driving habits have no reasons and no explanations.

  1. Tailgating

Climbing on someone’s vehicle’s tailpipe falls under one of the annoying things about driving. Some motorists do this purely out of bad driving practice while the rest do not even realize what they are doing. If you are being tailgated, you have two options. One, you could slow down and let the tailgater pass you. Two, you can pull your brakes so that he cares to back off although it is not advisable as it might lead to a collision.

  1. Inappropriate parking

It takes much experience to park straight and smart. Unfortunately, most of the motorists do not know how to park on parking slots, sidewalks and roadsides. Either they take up two or more slots, preventing the other cars to find a free slot or they do not set their front wheels in place which disrupts the momentum of the vehicle. Thankfully, most of the new cars are equipped with parking sensors and assistance which can be a huge saviour in such circumstances.

If you are sitting behind the wheel, you are required to be calm, mindful and observant. Accidents might be impossible to eradicate but it can be minimized if every motorist maintained the above aspects and followed the road safety rules diligently. Let us make the roads a safer place to drive for ourselves, our fellow drivers and everyone else who are out there.

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