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Even though a number of us have an eye for what is plush and beautiful, only a handful can realize such exquisite splurging. Car accessories continue to remain one of the most fastidious passions professed by many. Wherein alloy wheels, sun roofs, spoilers and sturdy engines are a common sight, the below list gives you an insight into the most extraordinary and expensive car accessories specially designed for the luxurious high end cars. These outrageously priced accessories make your expensive vehicles, even more grand and outstanding. What is worth observing is almost none of these expensive car accessories can be bought off the shelves. They need to be pre-ordered and some of them could take a fairly long time to be owned.

  1. The Jager-Le Coultre Amvox2 Key Watch for Aston Martin DB9

Swiss watch maker Jaeger-LeCoultre and Luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin have come together to manufacture a mechanical analogue sapphire studded watch which is also a car key. One has to tap the open position of the sapphire crystal glass to unlock the car. A user can also locate his car in the parking by simply tapping on the glass of the watch, which will trigger the headlights of the Aston Martin. The car key is actually an in-built micro transmitter system embedded in the watch and these expensive car accessories are priced at $24,400.

  1. More Seats in the Tesla Model S

Tesla has earned a wide reputation for manufacturing cars which are reliable and practical which is why they offer an additional accessory in the Model S in the form of additional seating. The seats are safe, comfortable and factory fitted, perfect to accommodate children. Priced at $3000, these expensive car accessories are quite interesting and expensive.

  1. Sliding Load floors for the Range Rover

The Range Rover is known for it’s ability to carry immense load with panache hence the manufacturers have now introduced sliding load floors which are equally practical and attractive. These expensive car accessories come in either shadow walnut wood or figured maccasser wood and costs about $5100.

  1. Carbon fibre exteriors for the Pagani Huayra

The Huayra manufactured by the Italian car maker Pagani now comes with a plush and light carbon fibre exterior totally moulded in carbon fibre as against the usual exteriors which requires a paintjob of more than a thousand dollars. Priced at $152,000, the carbon fibre exteriors give the car a mighty plush and expensive look.

  1. Leather seats in the Porsche

The German sports and luxury car manufacturer is not behind it’s contemporaries to offer grand and luxurious auto experience to it’s customers. You can opt for leather interiors for your Porsche by shelling about $2920 for the guards of the doorsill, $740 for the sun visors and $2500 for the slats of the air-vents. These expensive car accessories amplify the look of your Porsche to a personalized one.

  1. The Breitling timepiece for the Bentley Bentayga

The Swiss watchmaker Breitling has joined hands with Bentley to design a watch especially for the Bentayga. The timepiece is made of 18 carat gold and manufactured in a way that it perfectly fits into the dashboard of the Bentley Bentayga. The dial of the timepiece is studded with twelve diamonds and is available in white and rose shades.  The gold oscillator is made of 22 carat gold. Called the Mulliner Tourbillion, these expensive car accessories are priced at $170,000.

  1. Perfume Atomizer

There are myriad companies selling car fresheners however the most expensive of them is the perfume atomizer. The inbuilt patent filing system allows you to trickle any cologne of your choice and releases it at regular intervals so that your car smells just like you. The encased glass receptacle ensures that there are no leakages or spills and the nozzle sprays the perfume equally throughout the vehicle. The perfume atomizer comes in a 7 ml and a 5 ml size, with the former offering 120 sprays and the latter offering 77 sprays. These expensive car accessories look graceful and luxurious when fitted into the dashboard of your car.

  1. Louis Vuitton bags with BMW i8

Baggage space has been a serious concern for BMW i8, therefore, the car manufacturer has tied up with the luxury brand Louis Vuitton to create expensive car accessories in the form of bags which perfectly fit in the cramped trunk space of the luxury car. This range of baggage includes a rich black coloured garment bag, a couple of travel bags and a business case and is priced at $20,000.

  1. The starry roof of the Rolls Royce Wraith

The Rolls Royce Wraith can be customised with 1350 fibroptic lights on it’s roof which will twinkle rendering a starry roof to the plush vehicle. You can buy the vehicle and install this accessory later as the process takes about 17 hours.  The specialists at the car manufacturer drills about a thousand holes in the car’s headline leather roof to install the fibroptics. Priced at $ 14,700, the accessory is quite interesting and innovative.

  1. Dual tone colour scheme for the Range Rover SV

The premium paintjob of a Range Rover is priced at $1800, however, if one is still not satisfied with it, he can now opt for the dual tone colour scheme for the SV which is available for $14,500. The car manufacturer also offers other kinds of luxurious paint jobs like the Mica paint or the Chroma flair colour shifting paint job which are priced at around the same range. These paint schemes render a unique and stunning exterior to the vehicle.

Apart from the list of expensive car accessories listed above, the motorists in the UK have a special corner towards personalized number plates and many of them look at it as the most expensive and fashionable car accessories. The DVLA has revealed that over the past 25 years, over GBP 2 billion has been collected as tax revenue against numerous number plate auctions held all over UK. The fact that a particular number plate can be owned by only one person in the whole world makes the struggle more expensive and powerful, with numerous people making money from such huge auction dealings. It has been observed that on numerous occasions, bidders have lost their mind to their hearts while striving to win the number plate of their choice.

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