Courier Blog Series: How to Start Up as a Courier Driver

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Now is the perfect time to get into the courier business. With more people shopping online and relying on home delivery services, there is a greater need for drivers and deliverers. Armed with a passion for driving and a little research, getting into the industry is quite simple.

Many people work for established businesses, but there has also been an increase in self-employed drivers and lifestyle couriers. Whether looking to join a business, start your own or just make a few extra quid in your spare time, learn how to make courier driving work for you.


All companies require drivers to have a valid driver’s license in addition to a clean driving record (typically no more than 6 penalty points) and no criminal record. Many also require that their drivers be at least 18 years of age and some even increase the age limit to 25. A driver should have a strong familiarity of the working area and be comfortable driving and working odd hours. In addition to car insurance, drivers are required to have courier insurance, often known as ‘carrying goods for hire or reward’. As with any job, courier drivers need to be professional at all times, have excellent communication skills, be customer service oriented and highly organised. Drivers should also be healthy and capable of lifting heavy objects.

Mode of Transportation

The location in which you live and where you work largely influences your mode of transportation. For those living in larger cities, getting around on a bicycle or motorcycle is often much easier and more cost effective. Those in more suburban settings may have to use a car to reach their destinations. Additionally, the type of packages and work you will be transporting will determine your mode of transportation. A van is most typical and best for carrying larger parcels and packages as well as accommodating large workloads.

Where to Search

To gain a better understanding of the industry, it is best to begin working with an established organisation. Look for companies that are reputable and that treat their employees well. There are several job sites that make it easy to find courier work. If you are not sure whether or not the profession is right for you, try just working part-time or free-lance courier. Another great way to gauge your interest in the field is to start off as a lifestyle courier. Today, some nationwide couriers make it possible for car owners to make door-to-door deliveries for clients.

Finding the Best Fit

Try to secure interviews with several different companies before accepting an offer of employment. Some offer better salaries and provide vans, while others do not. Look for organisations that provide drivers with comprehensive insurance packages and talk to those who have worked in the field or who work for a particular company to determine whether or not the job and company are a good fit. Also take into consideration the company’s rules and regulations. Many lifestyle courier companies are lightly regulated and may not be able to handle accidents, insurance claims and other complaints.

Being a courier driver is a rewarding job. The flexibility, ability to meet and interact with different people and the pay are just some of the many perks. While business may be slow at first, the more practice you have and the type of company you work for will contribute to a successful career.

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What does courier insurance cover?

Courier insurance will be required on UK roads for carriage of other people’s goods, ‘for hire or reward’. Different from private cover, courier insurance is specified for commercial courier use. Basically, if your business involves moving goods for others then courier insurance will be essential for you to legally operate. ...

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