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With the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo hitting the UK today, now is as good a time as any to check your vehicle is in tip top condition before winter really sets in.

Our helpful guide will ensure your car will survive the winter, but if you are not confident doing some of the checks yourself, contact your nearest garage.

Tyres – Not only do you get better fuel economy out of fully inflated tyres, it is also a legal requirement that your vehicle’s tyres have more than 1.6mm tread. If you are close to the limit, we would advise you replace your tyres now. If you are caught by the police with tyres below the legal limit you could be looking at three points per tyre, which may result in you losing your license and being off the road for a considerable amount of time.

Brakes – So your tyres are working but we all know that your brakes need to be in tip top condition too. If you notice your brakes feel different at any point when driving, head straight to a garage. The last thing you need is to hit another car when you fail to stop.

Lights – This is a simple one. Do they all work? Park your car up somewhere safe and give them a try. You can put your hazards on and walk around your vehicle to make sure your car is lit up like the Blackpool illuminations. If a bulb isn’t working, then get it replaced. Not only will a garage do it, but car parts shops are usually willing to help install new bulbs for a low price.

Battery – If you ever find yourself stranded in bad weather, your battery will become your best friend ­– helping you to keep warm, your phone charged and entertained by the radio. Make sure the terminals on the top look clear and free of dirt. If it looks like it might not be right, take it to a car parts shop and get the opinion of one of its staff.

Windscreen – Have you chipped your windscreen? If so, get those chips filled now before the water and ice get into them and make them worse. Most of the time these repairs are covered by your insurance and are free, as long as you fix it sooner rather than later.

Windscreen Wipers – Now your windscreen is ok, check the wipers. Are they cracked or looking a bit worse for wear? Get them replaced. It’s easy to do yourself but again, a car parts shop would probably be happy to help you out for a small fee or even free.

Screen wash – We have all been driving through the gritty streets and realised that our screens our covered in a horrid salty film. Make sure your screen wash is topped up and has anti-freeze in it to help you see more clearly.

Anti-freeze – You might not know this but in Winter months, your engine’s coolant liquid needs anti-freeze in it to make sure it doesn’t freeze when it gets cold. Make sure that yours is topped up with the correct concentration to keep you on the road.

This is not an exhaustive list but should help you stay motoring through the winter months.

As we have said earlier, if you don’t feel confident doing the checks yourself, most garages offer a winter car check.

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