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Helping You Understand Speeding Points and Car Insurance

Speeding Conviction insurance is needed when a driver is convicted of a speeding violation, which then gets reported to their insurance company. Insurance Revolution is here to help you find the cover that'll allow you to continue driving.

Speeding Points and Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

If you have speeding points on your driving record and are looking for Car insurance, Insurance Revolution can help. We specialise in providing competitive Speeding Conviction insurance so you can get the cover you need, regardless of your speeding history. Some insurers might offer redemption programs, allowing for premium reductions over time if no further offences occur, but this is not always available.

A speeding conviction is likely to raise your insurance premiums due to increased risk, but this increase will depend on the severity of the speeding violation and whether there are other offences on your driving record. Declaring these points to your insurance company ensures you have the right coverage – failure to disclose speeding points can result in voided policies or denied claims.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Car Insurance with Speeding Points?

If you’re looking for Car insurance with speeding points listed as a consideration, the Insurance Revolution team is here to help. We offer a wide range of driving offence and Convicted Driver insurance policies and have an experienced team ready to assist. No matter what help you need, we should have a policy to give you peace of mind.

If you’d like to request a quote, you can complete our online form to help get things moving. Once we’ve given you a follow up call to ask a few further questions, we’ll search the market for the right Speeding Points insurance policy. If you’d like to make changes to your policy at a later date, our customer service team will be on hand to help.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Dealt with a guy called Scott absolutely fantastic got me a quote instantly and also got me the payments I wanted to suit my budget. Thought I was going to find it quite impossible to get a quote with drink drive and speeding offences on my license but no hassle what so ever also recieved my policy instantly.

Nathan T.,



Do You Have to Declare Speeding Points When Getting Car Insurance?

No matter what offence you might have committed, you must declare this when you request a Car insurance quote. While this may increase the cost of your policy, not doing so can get you in hot water – it’s illegal not to disclose this, and you may have your policy invalidated.

How Much Does Car Insurance Go Up with 3 Points for Speeding?

It’s impossible to say how much this will increase the cost of your policy as there are several factors to consider. Such a small amount may not have much of an impact on your policy price, but the higher that number increases, the more you’ll be able to notice a difference.

Do Speeding Points Affect Your Car Insurance?

Yes, speeding points can lead to increased Car insurance premiums. Declaring these points to your insurance company is crucial to ensure you have the right cover and avoid committing another offence. This will be dealt with seriously by both the law and your insurance provider.

How Can I Get a Speeding Conviction Insurance Quote?

To receive your personalised Car insurance quote with speeding points, simply complete our website form or call us. If you complete our online form, we’ll give you a call to ask a few extra questions before we get started. Our team will then use your information to find you the most appropriate policy at a competitive rate.


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