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  • Cover for various business vehicle types
  • Custom Fleet insurance policies for your business
  • Dedicated Commercial insurance specialists
  • Added flexibility with mid-term adjustments available
  • Optional additional products , such as Breakdown cover and Excess Protection
  • Strong relationships with leading Business and Fleet insurers


Mini Fleet Insurance for UK Businesses

We help provide Mini Fleet insurance policies to businesses with as few as just two vehicles, so you don’t need a collection of HGVs to qualify. Insurance Revolution is on hand to help make insurance simple, regardless of your needs or circumstances.

Mini Fleet Insurance: What You Need to Know

We offer a range of Mini Fleet policy options to help make your life as easy as possible. Many businesses don't know what level of cover they need, so if an accident does happen while one of your vehicles is on the road, you might not be protected. This is why it's worth speaking to a specialist Fleet insurance broker.

At the same time, having to deal with multiple insurers can make renewals confusing and tiresome. This is why a single Fleet policy is often a sensible choice for businesses. Not only does it make the process a lot easier to complete, but the multi vehicle discount can save you a lot of money at the same time, depending on which insurer you choose.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Mini Fleet Insurance

Insurance Revolution has developed a strong reputation because our relationships with leading insurance providers make it easier to find the right Mini Fleet insurance policies for our customers. We're very proud of this human first approach. Our sales team will always go above and beyond to find the best possible deals, so business owners and fleet managers can go about their day with peace of mind.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Great service offered by Josh, after calling several other companies for a small fleet policy and having rings run around us, Josh simply asked some questions we could answer, drew us a quote up, came back with a good option and we went with it. The key for a small business owner is for companies like this to take the hassle away, Josh did just that. Thanks again.

Gareth B., 



What Is Mini Fleet Insurance?

Mini Fleet insurance is a type of Fleet insurance perfect for small businesses with two to five vehicles. It makes managing your policy far easier so you can focus on growth in your business with peace of mind, instead of being distracted by multiple policy renewals happening throughout the year. Convenience is king!

Do I Need Mini Fleet Insurance?

A Mini Fleet insurance policy is likely a good idea if you have a few vehicles within your business. While we can't definitely say that you need it, we've found that many companies needlessly struggle when trying to manage multiple policies with different insurers. A Fleet policy brings everything together under one roof, so you only have one renewal to worry about.

What Does a Standard Mini Fleet Policy Cover?

Mini Fleet policies can be as basic or comprehensive as you need. They can bring your separate Commercial and Business vehicle insurance policies under one roof, which makes managing your cover much more straightforward. While they don't come with Any Driver cover as standard, our team of specialist brokers can arrange this for you if needed.

How Can I Request a Mini Fleet Insurance Online Quote?

To request a Mini Fleet insurance online quote, all you need to do is complete our simple website form. Once the online form has been submitted, a member of our Fleet insurance sales team will give you a call to ask for additional information. After we’ve done this, we can then shop the market to find the most appropriate policy for your needs.

Is Small Fleet Insurance Worthwhile for UK Businesses?

A small Fleet insurance policy will likely be worthwhile if you operate in the UK and have multiple vehicles under your management. Not only is it far easier to manage, but it can also come with cost savings thanks to some insurers providing multi vehicle discounts and offers.

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