Super Car Insurance

Man driving a flash yellow sports car

  • Great insurance for your supercars
  • We can cover all supercars for personal use
  • Spread the costs over 10 months

We are sure that it is your pride and joy and you know that you have to get the right insurance cover. Depending on the car you may struggle and some insurers and brokers will make you pay over the odds.

We don’t want to take you for a ride with high premiums but we want to make sure you have the right cover in place.

At the end of the day, supercars are considered high risk as their capabilities much better than the average family car. With this in mind insurers will always charge a little extra but we have worked with our insurers to ensure that they will offer you the best rates.

My insurance is usually expensive, is there a way I can make it cheaper?

The only way you could potentially reduce your costs is to lower your mileage use. If you do not use the car regularly and tend to do less than 5000 miles a year then don’t opt for cover up to 10,000 miles. Sometimes we can find insurers who will place a mileage limit on the policy and reduce the premium.

Who can drive my super car?

You can choose to name drivers on your policy who are allowed to drive your vehicle. Other people may have a policy which allows them to drive your vehicle under their own third-party cover.