Performance Car Insurance

Man driving a flash yellow sports car

  • Specialist in performance vehicles
  • Low deposits available for many customers with the option to spread your costs over 10 months

If you find insuring your performance car to be expensive, you should speak to our advisors.

Because your vehicle is much more than the average road car, you need to look at specialist insurance. Our staff are well informed, and understand the issues people with performance cars can have when looking for insurance so they know where to look to get you the best price available.

Our fully comprehensive policies for performance cars will make sure that you are safe and sound on the road and fully covered if the worst was to happen.

Why should I take my Performance Car Insurance with Insurance Revolution?

We are specialists in non-standard vehicle insurances. This could be because a driver has gained a large number of points on their license or because, like you, they drive a performance vehicle. Many insurers don’t like to take these risks on but we have worked with the insurers to get specialist rates and policies.

Why do I need specialist insurance?

Your vehicle is often very unique and non-standard. Our insurers are specialists in this area and appreciate that if it is involved in an accident that you may need specialist mechanics working on your vehicle and try to accommodate this. They know how to value your vehicle too so you don’t get short changed if you are caught up in an accident.