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Imported Car Insurance

There are many reasons to import a vehicle. From higher specifications or lower costs, to models that are not available for the UK market. Whatever your reasons, you will want to ensure that you have your vehicle fully covered.

Many insurers often try to keep away from imported vehicles, however we have a number of insurers that are happy to provide quotes for your specialist vehicle.

Of course, imported car insurance is often more expensive than standard vehicle insurance but we try to take the sting out the process by searching our panel for you.

Grey Imports Vs. Parallel Imports

Grey imports, or vehicles built outside of the EU do not need to confirm to European build standards and are therefore too high a risk for many insurers however, many of the insurers we work with are willing to provide cover for your vehicle. Before an insurer covers your Grey Import Vehicle, you will need to pass a Single Vehicle Approval or SVA test. The cost of this is around £200 and a requirement of all grey imports being used on UK roads. Many grey imports, such as those from Japan, will have higher performance and power levels that many UK vehicles and are often much more expensive to fix.

Despite this, our panel of insurers are able to provide insurance quotes for grey imports.

Parallel imports are vehicles built within the EU, and therefore to EU specifications. If you drive a parallel import, many mainstream insurers will be unable to provide cover but our panel of insurers will look at your vehicle and assess your individual risk.


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