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Driving Tuition Insurance

As a driving instructor, you will know that finding the right insurance is essential not only for your learners, but for yourself. You need to be covered for various situations whether you are teaching a 17 year old or 65 year old, and that’s where Insurance Revolution could have you covered! We work with a panel of specialist insurers up and down the country to find you the right Driving Tuition Insurance.

What we can cover with Driving Tuition Insurance;

- Cover for your vehicle when completing tuition or examinations.

- Driver, Examiner and Pupil all covered on a comprehensive basis.

- Any unlicensed driver aged 15 or over if accompanied by a DSA approved instructor or trainee driving instructor.

- Cover for employees of your driving tuition business where applicable.

- No added Excess for pupils involved in an accident.

- Social, Domestic and Pleasure included for drivers named on the policy over 25 years old.

- Can cover drivers with minor driving convictions.

- Dual control Hire vehicles available to keep you on the road in the event of a non-fault claim.

- Also additional Driver Training products available including - Trailer Training, HGV training etc.

Why us for Driving Tuition Insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we value our clients and their needs. We know that not everybody requires the same insurance, so we try and make each policy bespoke to your needs, and that doesn’t stop with Driving Tuition Insurance. Our specialist team of account managers will be on hand to guide you all the way from the first point of contact, all the way to making a claim if need be!

With our panel of specialist insurers, we can have you covered on all fronts. Your vehicle will not only be covered during a lesson, but also when your pupils are using it for their driving tests, with you, the examiner and the pupil all being covered on a fully comprehensive basis. We could also find you driving tuition insurance cover for unlicensed drivers aged 15 and over, covering all age ranges you may come to teach.

If you need driving tuition insurance, call Insurance Revolution and get a quote today!

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