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  • Van insurance Any Driver over 21
  • Van insurance Any Driver over 25
  • Van insurance Any Driver over 30
  • Optional Fleet policy upgrade
  • Optional Guaranteed Hire Vehicle and Breakdown cover
  • Access to leading insurers
  • Available even if you have a conviction


Making Life Easier with Any Driver Van Insurance

Any Driver insurance can give you unrivalled freedom when it comes to managing your team, making it easier for you to make decisions on the go, without needing to be in near constant contact with your insurance broker. While it might not be right for every business, it can be a game changer.

Any Driver Van Insurance: What You Need to Know

Our Any Driver Van insurance covers anybody who needs access to a single van. Unlike one of our standard Van insurance policies, our Any Driver cover allows your team to drive the van whenever needed, without being listed as a named driver. This is an excellent policy for many businesses because it saves you time – time that can be spent working on your business instead of being on the phone with your insurance provider.

When you have Van insurance with Any Driver cover, there will still be qualifying criteria that drivers must meet, but you can see this ahead of time. For example, some insurance providers may not cover a driver who has points on their licence or a previous conviction on their driving record. Some policies may only cover anyone over 21 years old, so younger drivers would need to be listed as a named driver.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Any Driver Van Insurance

Van insurance might seem quite confusing at first, especially if your vehicle is being used for different business purposes. Still, our team will help make Any Driver Van insurance feel like a walk in the park. Our customer service team will be on hand to help you make any changes to your policy. If you want to add another vehicle and upgrade to a Fleet insurance policy, that shouldn't be a problem.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

Robert ball was a great help found me everything i needed for my van insurance.




What Is Any Driver Van Insurance?

Any Driver Van insurance will allow anyone to drive the vehicle as long as they meet the qualifying criteria and have permission from the policyholder. It means they will be able to use the van for business purposes without needing to be added as a named driver beforehand, saving the business time.

Is Van Insurance with Any Driver Cover Worth It?

If you are a business with multiple staff needing access to the van at different times, Van insurance with Any Driver cover is worth looking into further. While we can't promise that it'll be the perfect fit for your exact needs, our team will be on hand to explore your options and find the best possible deal thanks to our range of optional additional products.

Who Can Drive an 'Anyone Over 25' Van Insurance Policy?

If you have a Van insurance policy for anyone over 25, you can have younger drivers behind the wheel, but they must be included as a named driver. This will incur a cost, so it's worth looking at your workforce and deciding what the minimum age threshold should be – this is something that our dedicated sales team can assist you with.

Can I Have More Than One Any Driver Van Insurance Policy?

You could upgrade your coverage to an Any driver fleet policy if you have multiple vehicles to insure with several drivers who need access to them. This will bring the numerous policies together under one roof, making it easier to manage. You'll also only have a single renewal to handle throughout the year.

If you only have one vehicle at the start of your policy but want to change this later, our customer service team can help.

Who Can't Be Included on a Van Insurance with Any Driver Cover Policy?

As we've explained, our Any Driver Van insurance policies will have age thresholds in place, such as 'Van insurance for Any Driver over 25', but you can add younger drivers to the policy. There may also be restrictions for drivers with points on their license or who have criminal convictions, but this will depend on the insurance provider. We have several different options to help overcome this, so get in touch.


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