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  • DR10, DR20, DR30, DR 40, DR 50, DR60 and DR 70 convictions can be covered by our insurers

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I knew that my insurance premium was going to be a bit on the brutal side (due to a couple of hiccups over the last year), but thanks to you, I am still in business, confident that I will be going on to bigger and better things.

Fergus S, Drink Drive Insurance Customer

We’ll take the hassle out of drink driver insurance. At Insurance Revolution, we specialise in finding car insurance for drink drivers, so you’re in very experienced hands.

Drink driver insurance can be tricky to find, overpriced and sometimes complicated to sort out. At Insurance Revolution, we don’t believe it should be like that. So while we’ll never claim to be able to make insurance ‘fun’, what we can do is make the whole process hassle free and painless.

While some insurance providers will turn away drivers with drink driving convictions, we specialise in helping them with a suitable policy at a reasonable price.

What type of drink driving convictions could our policies cover?

We can provide drink driver insurance policies for those with past convictions that come under the following drink related offences:

DR10 insurance cover for those who’ve been convicted of driving or attempting to drive with alcohol concentration above the legal limit
DR20 insurance motor insurance for those with convictions for driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drink or drugs
DR30 insurance policies for those who’ve been convicted of driving or attempting to drive and then failing to provide a breath specimen when asked
DR40 insurance cover for those who’ve been convicted of being in charge of a vehicle with alcohol concentration above the limit
DR50 insurance motor insurance for those with convictions for being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs
DR60 insurance cover for those convicted of failure to provide a specimen in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive
DR70 insurance policies for those convicted of failing to provide a breath test specimen

Why Insurance Revolution for Drink Driving Motor Insurance?

Where some insurers might turn you away for historic drink driving convictions, we can help you to get a policy to suit your needs. Driving under the influence of alcohol makes you a higher risk to the insurance industry, granted. But we don’t believe that means you should pay over the odds. So we pride ourselves on competitively priced motor insurance policies for those with previous convictions relating to drink driving.

We’re not expecting you to be jumping for joy at the prospect of sorting out your car insurance, but we can take some of the hassle out of drink drivers insurance for you!

Call us today for a competitive drink driver insurance quote.

For how long do I need to declare a drink driving conviction?

You only need to buy drink driver insurance for 3 – 5 years depending on the insurer you use. Some insurers require that you state drink driving convictions for 5 years where as others are more lenient at 3 years. However, some times the points will remain on your license for up to 11 years depending on the severity of the conviction. Convictions which remain on your license for 11 years include causing death by dangerous driving (CD40, CD60 and CD70) as well as DR’s including DR10, DR 20, DR30, DR31 , DR61 and DR70’s.

Will drink drivers insurance be more expensive?

In short, yes because in the eyes on any insurer, you are considered to be a higher risk than someone with a clean license. Insurers feel that, rightly or wrongly, you may be more likely to commit another driving offense, or take risks that other drivers would not which could compromise your own safety, or the safety of those around you.

Fortunately, we realise that sometimes you may get a drink driving conviction but not be the type of person to drive recklessly. Working with the insurers we have assessed the risks and secured some excellent rates for drink drivers insurance. Each individual case is different so sometimes, we may need a little time to go away and discuss your situation with the insurers to get you the best price available.

I’ve been sent on a drink driver rehabilitation course, will this affect my premiums?

Many insurers will take this into consideration for those seeking drink drivers insurance as it shows that you have put in efforts to learn more about driving and the consequence of drink driving. Most insurers will view this as a great move in the right direction. What’s more, the length of your ban is often shortened for taking the course meaning you are back on the road much sooner and able to start generating your no claims bonus again. You can only take a drink drive rehabilitation course if the court offers it to you at your hearing. If you are offered the opportunity to take one, but refuse, you cannot opt to take on later.

*With selected insurers when you have 5 or more years No Claims Discount
** We will provide you with a full refund if you purchase a policy from us and you find a cheaper price based on the same cover i.e. Comprehensive and the same excess or less within the next 72 hours. Proof any cheaper price will be required. This does not apply to impound insurance policies.
*** Only during our opening hours and on 98% of all calls received during a 28 day period.

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