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  • Request a motor Fleet insurance quote online
  • Create a custom motor Fleet insurance policy
  • Easy to adjust mid-term (adding, changing, and removing vehicles)
  • Bring multiple policies together under one roof
  • A dedicated team of insurance advisors
  • Optional additional products, such as Guaranteed Hire Vehicle and Breakdown cover


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We know how important your fleet is for your business, but it needs an insurance policy to match. To protect yours on the road, we have a range of motor Fleet insurance options that can be customised to suit your needs, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

Motor Fleet Insurance: What You Need to Know

You can build a motor Fleet insurance policy to suit your unique needs and there are many different vehicles that you can include, ranging from trucks and heavy goods vehicles to business cars and vans. Our sales agents will use your claims hustory and driver profile to potententially bring down the cost of your motor Fleet insurance policy.

Many Motor Fleet insurance policies can be enhanced to be an any driver policy, making it easier for you and your team to access your vehicles when you need them most. If you want to take out a motor Fleet insurance policy with any driver cover but would like more information, you can contact our motor Fleet insurance team.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Motor Fleet Insurance

Our ultimate goal is to help customers find the insurance they need at a cost that works for them. We've helped countless customers move from having a collection of individual motor insurance policies to just one motor Fleet insurance policy. This makes their lives much easier so they can focus on growing their business with complete peace of mind.

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What Is Motor Fleet Insurance?

A motor Fleet insurance policy is an umbrella policy that brings multiple individual Vehicle insurance policies under one roof. Instead of having many renewals to keep track of, you can make your life far easier with just one renewal to complete every year.

Do I Need Motor Fleet Insurance?

If you have many different vehicles that need to be covered, a motor Fleet insurance policy could be the right fit. To learn more about how a motor Fleet insurance policy can help your business, you can contact a member of our sales team.

How Can I Request a Motor Fleet Insurance Quote?

To receive your personalised motor Fleet Insurance quote, all you need to do is complete our website form. Once this is done, we’ll give you a call to double check some details and ask for a bit more information. We’ll then use what you’ve told us to search the market for the most appropriate policy.  

What Will a Motor Fleet Insurance Policy Cover?

Your motor Fleet insurance policy can be as simple or comprehensive as you need it to be. Our approach is all about giving you the freedom you need to drive with complete peace of mind, so if you want any specific additional products included, this is something that our team of insurance brokers will be able to arrange for you. If there's something you want to add at a later stage, our customer service team will be here to help.

Will I Find You on Motor Fleet Insurance Comparison Sites?

You won't find Insurance Revolution on price comparison sites because we prefer a more personal type of insurance broking. Instead, we’ll search the market by using the information you provide online and over the phone.


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