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Squeaky Clean Insurance for Window Cleaning Vans

Window cleaning would be much more difficult without your van. You are always on the move, and your equipment has to move with you. That’s why you need to make sure your most important tools are in top condition and protected – Insurance Revolution is here to help.

Window Cleaner Van Insurance: What You Need to Know

If you're looking to take out a window cleaner Van insurance policy, you should have an idea as to how often your vehicle will be used, as well as any notable details that will be helpful for your insurance broker. These are often modified for the owner's convenience, so many include a ladder rail or water tank, for example. While these details may not seem significant, they're very important and could impact the price of your policy.

As part of your working day, you or your colleagues may be at risk of injury, whether behind the wheel or when getting items out of your van. This risk can also extend to others, which is why Public Liability protection is a key thing to be aware of. This insurance can cover Public and Employers' Liability, offering protection in case a third party or an employee is injured. To include either of these additional products, let us know when you speak to someone in our team.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Window Cleaner Van Insurance

Just like the windows you clean, we are clear with our pricing. When you request a quote online, the price you receive will reflect the details you've provided, which will come after we’ve completed our follow up call. This reduces the chance of your quoted price increasing later on, primarily because we haven't relied on a computer and then had to make a change later. This is why we prefer our human first style of insurance broking.

We're committed to doing everything we can to help, which is why we have dedicated teams for sales and customer service. These agents work internally and will be on hand to help you find a solution to your window cleaner Van insurance query, no matter how complex that might be.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Robert ball was a great help found me everything i needed for my van insurance.




What Is the Importance of Having Van Insurance for Window Cleaners?

Van insurance for window cleaners is essential as it provides tailored cover so you can work confidently. This specialised insurance will protect your window cleaning van on the road, while you can opt for an additional product to provide protection for your equipment and materials you transport.

Why Is a Window Cleaner Van Different from Standard Vans in Terms of Insurance?

A window cleaner van is often equipped with specialised tools and equipment necessary for window cleaning jobs. For example, your vehicle might have a water tank attached, which means we'll need to take this into account, while you may also carry equipment that a typical van would not, such as a ladder attached to a roof rail. These are all key things that we need to be mindful of.

How Do I Obtain a Window Cleaning Insurance Quote for My Van?

Getting a window cleaning insurance quote is straightforward. You can either fill out an online form on our website so we can call you or contact our insurance brokers directly. By providing details about your window cleaning van, the nature of your work, and any additional cover you may need, we can provide an accurate quote to ensure your van and equipment are protected.

Are There Specific Insurance Policies Tailored for Window Cleaning Vans?

These policies consider the risks of transporting cleaning equipment and working at various locations. They offer cover options like Tools Cover, Public Liability, and additional options like Breakdown cover to provide comprehensive protection for window cleaning professionals.

How Does the Insurance Coverage for a Window Washing Van Compare to Other Commercial Vans?

A window washing van typically carries specialised equipment and may have modified features to facilitate window cleaning tasks. Your van may be classed as a commercial vehicle, but we know that no two vehicles are alike, which is why we're happy for your policy to be as unique as you, customised to be the right fit.

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