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Van Insurance for Plumbers

Being on the road is important to you to get to the customer’s just in the nick of time. We make sure that our insurers understand your trade and should you need to make a claim, they can get you back on the road and to the rescue!
What’s more, we can name your employees or co-workers on the same policy if they drive the van too. Extra piece of mind when you know the job needs to be done!

Do I need insurance for my van for business use?

If you use your van for your business you need to make sure you have the right van insurance in place. It’s different from using your van for pleasure or social purposes. Some insurers actually won’t provide cover for business use. We work with some of the best insurers in the market for business van or commercial vehicle insurance.

Why should I use Insurance Revolution for my insurance?

We have worked with the insurers and discussed each trade we work with in detail. They understand that as a plumber, you need to get back to navigating your local area as quickly as you can navigate your way through a U-bend. As such, they are able to offer some great breakdown and legal policies at great rates for plumbers.

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