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  • Look after your pride and joy with the right insurance cover
  • Some insurers won’t cover vans, at Insurance Revolution, we love them!
  • Great payment options available to spread your costs over the year

Van Insurance for Pleasure

Enjoy owning a van but don’t enjoy the cost associated with the overheads? At Insurance Revolution, we work with insurers that understand and are able to offer great cover for your van whilst making sure that you are fully covered.
Maybe you use your van for shopping trips. Maybe you use it to carry mountain bikes to the hills at the weekend. Or maybe you just like the extra space in the back!
We don’t think it matters.
What’s more, we can offer great payment plans for your van, allowing your spread the costs over 10 payments to help you stay on the road.

Why should I take my van insurance with Insurance Revolution?

Our staff understand van insurance. They understand that the most important thing to you is making sure you stay on the road if an accident happens, whilst keeping the costs down. That is why we make sure all our staff know about the best rates, and keep up to date with advancements in the industry that can help keep the costs down.

Why do I need van insurance and not car insurance?

Many standard personal insurers don’t insure vans. The old adage of the white van man has scared them away. We know that this isn’t true of all van drivers so are able to find insurance solutions for those driving vans for pleasure.

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