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  • Customisable Van insurance for joinery professionals
  • Comprehensive Van insurance for joiner and carpenter vans
  • Upgrade to an Any Driver Van policy for even more flexibility
  • Include more vehicles as your business grows with Fleet cover
  • We’ll make sure you have the right level of protection
  • Plenty of additional products, including Breakdown cover and Excess Protection


Bespoke, Comprehensive Van Insurance for Joiners and Carpenters

As a joiner, you probably carry a lot around in the back of your van. From tools to wood, we know that this is your lifeblood. If someone were to break into your vehicle and steal either of these whilst you were out and about, it would seriously hurt your business – this is where Insurance Revolution can help.  We offer additional products that can cover your equipment so you don't have to worry about it.

Joiner Van Insurance: What You Need to Know

A comprehensively built Van insurance policy can provide cover not only for the van itself but also for the tools and materials carried within it. This is crucial for joiners and carpenters whose tools are essential for them to be able to work. If you want to take out Van insurance for joiners, make sure to check that your policy includes our additional product for Tools Cover or Goods in Transit cover, as any loss of these items could have a serious impact on your ability to earn.

We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why you can customise your cover. Many of our insurers offer flexible business insurance policies that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of joiners and carpenters. This means you only pay for the cover you need, which can be more cost effective in the long run?. At the end of the day, your carpenter van is vital to your business, so giving it as much protection as possible is a smart decision, and it's not worth cutting corners.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Joiner Van Insurance

Your wellbeing and satisfaction are our top priority, just as your joiner or carpenter van is yours, so let's work together to protect not just your vehicle but your livelihood as well. Once you complete our online form, we’ll give you a call to ask a few questions before we search the market for the most appropriate policy.

We'll work with you to build the right policy to suit your needs, so you only pay for what you want. We understand that your business can grow and change quickly, which is why we'll offer you support if you want to adjust your policy mid-term. We have a great customer service team who will make the whole process as painless as possible.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Robert ball was a great help found me everything i needed for my van insurance.




What Should I Consider When Getting Van Insurance for a Carpentry Business?

When considering insurance for a carpentry business, it's essential to ensure that the policy covers both the specific risks related to carpentry and the tools and equipment used. Consider what kind of jobs you take on and who drives your van, as you may need to enhance your cover to ensure you're fully covered.

Why Is Joiner Insurance Important for Professionals in the Industry?

Having the right cover for your joiner insurance is crucial because it protects against potential risks and liabilities that joiners may face while working. This can include accidents or theft of tools or equipment. Having the right insurance ensures peace of mind and continuity of business operations.

How Is a Carpenter Van Different from Standard Vans When It Comes to Insurance?

A carpenter van typically carries specialist tools and equipment, making it more susceptible to theft or damage. This makes having the right level of cover all the more important. You likely spend a good part of your day on the road too, putting your vehicle at higher risk of damage from road traffic accidents.

Why Might a Carpenter Van Require Specialised Insurance Coverage?

A carpenter work van often has modifications or installations to hold tools and materials securely. Speak with our agents to confirm how modifications will affect your policy.

These modifications, along with the high value of any tools stored inside, mean that specialised coverage is often required to ensure full protection against potential risks. We can offer additional products to help tailor your cover and provide the most appropriate policy for you.

How Can I Find the Best Van Insurance for Joiners?

To get the most appropriate Van insurance for joiners, it's vital to consider factors such as the value of tools and equipment, the potential liabilities faced, and any modifications made to the van. While we can't promise that our price will be the lowest, we'll have a better chance of finding the right policy if you remember to tell us all the key details.

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