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  • Comprehensive, third party fire & theft, or third party cover available
  • Make sure you can get to your customers and are not off the road with our breakdown cover
  • Keep your tools safe with additional cover

Van Insurance for Electricians

Unlike other superheroes, when someone calls you in an emergency, it is your van that delivers you to the job in time not your cape.
Your van can mean the difference between a mishap and an emergency for your clients, and means you can make a living.
Seeing as your van treats you this well, you should treat it to the right level of cover.
You can choose from comprehensive insurance, third party fire and theft, or third party.

What is the best level of Van Insurance?

We always recommend comprehensive insurance to those running a business. It provides cover for any damage you do to any third party vehicles, cover for injury or death caused as well as damage to your own vehicle. Plus you get cover against fire and theft of the vehicle. We do offer other levels but to keep you on the road we suggest you consider comprehensive insurance as well as other such as tools cover, breakdown and even legal cover, depending on your circumstances.

Why choose Insurance Revolution for van insurance?

We know you don’t have time to waste shopping around so we do the hard work for you. We guarantee to answer your calls in less than 60 seconds during office hours and can find you a great insurance quote for your van.

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