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Van Insurance for Bricklayers

Your van helps with the heavy burden of carrying goods and getting you from one job to another, so it is incredibly important that it is kept safe and secure. Having the right insurance in place is the best way to start on this.
As a bricklayer, you may have found that some insurance providers don’t understand how your business works, either as a one man band, or with some employees. We work with insurers that have worked with bricklayers in the past and understand your day to day workload.

Do I need specific insurance for using my van for business purposes?

Yes. Some insurers and brokers will not be able to provide cover for your business use on your van. If you have an accident whilst using your van for business use without the correct insurance you would not be insured and this could result in you having problems gaining insurance in the future.

Why are Insurance Revolution the best option for me?

Our staff have been fully trained and continue to keep up to date with the industry and its developments. As such, we know the best insurers for your needs and know how to keep your premiums lower. We also know that sometimes you need additional cover and can help find these covers for you including tools cover, legal and breakdown insurances.

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