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Truck and HGV Insurance For Haulage

If you earn money by delivering goods in your van or lorry, you will need to take out HGV insurance for haulage or courier insurance by law.

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What is haulage insurance?

Haulage insurance is a specialist type of commercial insurance that is aimed at vehicles that weigh typically over 3.5 tonnes.

Drivers who take out haulage insurance, or lorry insurance as it is also known, typically deliver very large loads for their customers, and these are usually delivered to a single destination. Some drivers do have multiple drop-offs, however, this insurance is suitable for this too.

What does haulage insurance cover you for?

As HGV haulage vehicles and the goods they transport vary from policy to policy, there are a wide range of specialist instances that haulage insurance can cover. These include:

  •    Haulage vehicle insurance
  •    Personal injury and illness
  •    Hazardous goods
  •    Breakdown cover
  •    Goods in transit cover
  •    Courtesy vehicle hire

Keep in mind, if you employ one or more people for your haulage business, you are legally obliged to take our employers’ liability insurance.

What can affect the cost of your insurance premium?

When comparing prices it’s important to remember that you are carrying someone else’s goods, so the prices for these types of insurance do tend to be more expensive. The price of heavy goods vehicle insurance can vary depending on a variety of factors. These include:

  • The type of vehicle you drive. Larger vehicles tend to be targeted by thieves more often and so the insurance premiums for these tend to be more expensive.
  • The type of goods you will be transporting. More expensive and/or delicate goods tend to be stolen or break more often, so these would incur more expensive premiums.
  • How much driving experience you have. The more experience you have, the less expensive your insurance premiums will be.
  • Where you drive. If you usually drive in areas with major traffic congestion, for example, your insurance premiums may be higher.

Why choose us for haulage insurance?

Why should you choose Insurance Revolution for your HGV insurance quote? We assess each individual customer’s situation fully, so that we can create an insurance policy that’s been specifically tailored to your needs.

If you’re looking for affordable haulage insurance, we can help. All of our quotes are competitive, and we strive to find the best prices for each one of our customers.

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