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Cheap Courier Insurance

Courier insurance is usually more expensive than regular vehicle insurance, but why? Not only are you driving yourself from location to location, you’re also transporting someone else’s goods with you.

However, finding the right policy for you doesn’t mean you have to pay above the odds. We provide cheap courier insurance quotes so that you’re free to spend your hard earned cash on other things.

What type of courier insurance do we offer?

Courier insurance UK comes in lots of different forms, and the right policy for you depends on the type of cover you’re looking for.

We can provide competitive courier insurance quotes for:

Factors that could affect the cost of your courier insurance.

While we will do everything we can in order to find the best cheap courier insurance quote for you, it can help for you to know what can affect your quote.

The standard factors will affect cheap your courier insurance quote is. These include:

  • How much driving experience you have.
  • What vehicle you drive.
  • Whether it’s just you you’re insuring, or whether you’re looking for cheap courier fleet insurance.
  • Where and when you drive. For example, if you usually drive in places with heavy traffic, or at night, your insurance might be more expensive.
  • Whether or not you have any driving convictions on your license.
  • Where your vehicle is stored when it’s not in use.

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