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Disqualified Driver Insurance

Disqualified Driver Insurance

After being off the road for a period of time, as a disqualified driver, you can find it hard to get insurance with the right price and right policy for your needs. Sometimes finding it at all can become a problem. That’s where Insurance Revolution come in. We specialise with disqualified driver insurance, so that means we’ll do all the hard work for you. With our expertise in the field and our extensive network of insurers, getting disqualified driver insurance can be hassle-free in our capable hands.

From drink driving to a totting up ban, whatever the reason, we will do our best to find a policy that suits your needs and gets you back on the road as soon as possible.

Why choose us for disqualified driver insurance?

At Insurance Revolution, we know that many people applying for disqualified driver insurance will find things much more difficult when it comes to squaring their premium costs. We’ve specialised in dealing with drivers with previous convictions or bans. This means we can take some of the pain out of getting back on the road and give you the relevant advice for your situation.

When can I reapply for my license?

After receiving a driving ban, you will have to reapply for your license through the DVLA. Roughly 56 days before the end of your disqualification period, you will receive a D27 Form. You will need to fill in the form and in some cases, enclose a new passport photograph with the form. Once the next 56 days have passed, you will be issued with your new license. That’s when Insurance Revolution come in to help you get the best disqualified driver insurance.

Will disqualified driver insurance be more expensive?

Yes, disqualified driver insurance will be more expensive than if you had a clean license. No matter what insurer you go to, they will see you as a higher risk driver on the road than before, and you are more likely to commit a driving related offence in the future than somebody who has not been disqualified. You can search for hours trying to find the best price for your insurance, or you can call our UK based call centre and one of our dedicated account managers will do the market searching for you.

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Even though we can cover any type of driving related offences, drink-driving offences still prove to be one of the highest causes for banned drivers. Over the past 4 years, the number of convictions have decreased, yet drink-driving is still one of the biggest reasons for disqualifications. We specialise in finding not only disqualified driver insurance, but also drink-driver insurance. The process of getting your license back is the same in the sense of the D27 form, unless the DVLA sees you as a high risk driver.

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