• Bespoke cover for commercial vehicles
  • Public and Employer's Liability cover
  • Easily upgrade to an Any Driver or Fleet policy
  • A dedicated Commercial insurance team
  • Strong relationships with leading insurers
  • Cover for taxis, business cars, and trucks


Taking the Stress Out of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance focuses on risks and liabilities associated with commercial vehicles, including road traffic accidents, property damage, public liability claims, cargo damage, and more. If you're unsure whether you need Commercial vehicle cover, contact a member of the Insurance Revolution customer service team on 0330 808 1500.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Running a successful business often involves transportation, whether you're delivering goods, visiting clients, or managing a fleet of vehicles. While you typically focus on growing your company, its crucial to safeguard your assets, and that's where Commercial vehicle insurance comes into play.

Vehicle insurance is not just a legal requirement. It could also be essential for your business, which is why having the right type of Commercial vehicle insurance is important.

Financial Protection

Accidents happen, and when they involve your business vehicles, the costs can be huge. Commercial vehicle insurance ensures you're financially prepared to cover repair expenses, third-party damages, and even legal fees in case of an accident.

Business Confidence

When your vehicles are on the road, they're exposed to many risks. From road traffic accidents to theft and vandalism and everything in between. Commercial vehicle insurance ensures that your business can continue operating smoothly, minimising downtime.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your business vehicles and drivers are protected by insurance provides peace of mind. You can focus on growing your business without worrying about sudden financial surprises.

Our Commercial vehicle insurance policies include:







As you can see, we have various Commercial policies that can be customised to fit your needs, so you'll have the cover you need to drive confidently. The Insurance Revolution sales team will try their best to find the right policy for your business. 

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Commercial Vehicle Insurance

With a dedicated team of Commercial insurance agents, Insurance Revolution is here to help find the Commercial vehicle cover for your business. We pride ourselves on our human first approach to insurance broking, working directly with insurance providers to explain your needs so we can provide you with the right quote.

Over the years, we've built strong relationships with a wide range of specialist insurance providers, allowing us access to exclusive markets and offers may not be available to other brokers. If we don't have a ready made Commercial insurance policy that fits your needs, our team will be more than happy to try and find a workable solution.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

Great service offered by Josh, after calling several other companies for a small fleet policy and having rings run around us, Josh simply asked some questions we could answer, drew us a quote up, came back with a good option and we went with it. The key for a small business owner is for companies like this to take the hassle away, Josh did just that. Thanks again.

Gareth B.,



Can I Drive a Commercial Vehicle on My Car Insurance?

As a rule of thumb, it's safe to assume that your standard car insurance will not cover you if you decide to drive a commercial vehicle, such as a van or truck. As well as commercial vehicles often requiring the driver to undertake specific training, they may also require specialist insurance.

What Vehicles Are Classed as Commercial Vehicles?

The definition of a commercial vehicle will differ depending on where you look, but the HMRC class a commercial vehicle as either a lorry, van, tractor, pickup, or "car-derived van". However, our Commercial insurance also extends to taxis and business cars as they are primarily used for business or commercial related purposes.

Is a Van Always Classed as a Commercial Vehicle?

A van can be classed as a private or personal vehicle, and this has become increasingly popular in recent years as people have seen it as a DIY alternative to traditional motorhomes. If you're unsure of the classification of your van, it's worth speaking to both the DVLA and a trusted insurance broker, such as Insurance Revolution.

Why Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance More Expensive?

Commercial vehicle insurance policies can be more expensive than personal policies because businesses are at a higher risk of liability and property damage, especially if they're transporting people and/or supplies from one location to another. Commercial vehicles are often larger and more expensive than a standard hatchback, which could increase the price further.

Why Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

You will need Commercial vehicle insurance if you are driving a vehicle for only work purposes. Your Commercial vehicle insurance policy will be similar to your Personal Car insurance policy, protecting you in the event of a crash or accident while on the road, while additional products such as excess protection and breakdown cover are also available. Depending on the nature of your work, these additional products may be compulsory.