Business Fleet Insurance

Finding Business Fleet insurance shouldn’t give you a headache – it should be a simple and pain free process. Insurance Revolution’s expert insurance brokers are here to help you find the right Fleet policy for your business, so you can focus on growing your business.
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Our Approach


To request a quote, call us or complete our online form. We will need all of the key information relating to you, your vehicle, and what unique insurance requirements you have.


After you've submitted our online form, we will call to check your key details and to discuss the level of cover you require. This will allow us to build the right policy to suit your unique needs.


Once we have confirmed your details and your policy needs, we can compare the available options. We will then discuss the key details to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Trust Pilot

Very helpful for me as a new business looking for fleet insurance. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in my position as there’s many out there who wouldn’t even quote us. Fast turnaround on quotes and very easy to deal with.


Sorted out fleet insurance with Elliot Severs. What an absolute legend. He explained everything perfectly no issues whatsoever. This guy knows his stuff. Will be contacting him again when renewal comes round in 12 months. Patient, polite and, very clear. Thank you Elliot for your time and patience.


Great service offered by Josh. After calling several other companies for a small fleet policy and having rings run around us, Josh simply asked some questions we could answer, drew us a quote up, and came back with a good option that we went with. The key for a small business owner is for companies like this to take the hassle away. Josh did just that. Thanks again.


Business Fleet Insurance Made Easy

Cover for various business vehicle types
Custom Fleet insurance policies for your business
Dedicated Commercial insurance specialists
Added flexibility with mid-term adjustments available
Optional additional Fleet insurance products
Strong relationships with leading Business and Fleet insurers
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Our Business Fleet insurance is great for businesses that want to insure more than one vehicle. If you have company cars, hire cars, and pool cars, this is a policy that you should explore further. If you have specific needs, these Business Fleet policies can be customised to suit your business.

If you have multiple business vehicles and want an Any Driver policy, this is something that our team of brokers will be able to explore with you. This is great if you have a team that’s always on the go and will need access to different vehicles at short notice – these policies provide much more flexibility than a standard policy.

We do not typically offer personal Fleet policies as we specialise in Commercial, Business and Fleet insurance. If you have mixed use vehicles that are used for both personal and work purposes, this is something that you can discuss with a member of our customer service team.

Business Fleet insurance policies are unique because they can be customised to cover you while at home or work. We know you’re often on the go for much of the day, so these policies can be customised to suit your business’ unique needs.

Yes – a driver with a previous conviction can be included on a business insurance policy, assuming they are legally allowed to drive. However, they will need to be added as a named driver if you want to take out a Business Fleet insurance Any Driver policy, no matter their age. To discuss the impact this could have on your policy price, speak to a team member.

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