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Motor Trade, Van, and Car Insurance for Those with a Criminal Record

Criminal driving conviction insurance is for people convicted of serious driving offences, such as a DUI (driving under the influence), reckless driving, or driving without a license. Insurance Revolution is here to make things simple, so you can get back on the road with the right level of cover.

Criminal Driving Insurance: What You Need to Know

Insurance Revolution can provide advice and support if you have criminal driving convictions and need Car or Van insurance. We specialise in offering insurance solutions for drivers with criminal convictions, ensuring you receive the coverage you need, even with a criminal record.

We aim to offer Car or Van insurance that meets your specific requirements, even if you have criminal convictions. We offer competitive rates and will look to provide you with a quote to suit your needs. Those with criminal driving convictions are classified as high risk by insurers. This will impact the number of insurers that will provide cover, potentially increasing the costs.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Criminal Driving Insurance

At Insurance Revolution, we understand your unique circumstances and aim to provide you with the right coverage options, regardless of your criminal record. If you're looking for Car or Van insurance with criminal convictions on your driving record, we'll do everything possible to find a policy to give you peace of mind. While this policy will likely cost more than usual, this is standard for those with criminal convictions and can't be avoided.

This process will require you to tell us everything you can about your criminal conviction – this will allow us to build a case that we can present to our insurance providers. Doing this gives us the best chance of finding Car, Van, or Motor Trade insurance for those with criminal convictions. You can get started by completing our online form and requesting a quote.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Brilliant service I have 5 motor convictions and within 10 minutes Daniel Henson at insurance revolution sorted me out with cheap car ensurance much appreciated Mate I do recommend.




How Can I Get a Car Insurance with Criminal Convictions Quote?

Complete our website form to receive a personalised insurance quote that considers your criminal convictions. Our team give you a call to ask for more information before then working to find you the most appropriate policy at a competitive rate. We work directly with insurance providers to find the right polices that’ll suit your unique needs.

Are There Specific Car Insurance Policies Available for Convicted Criminals?

There are Car insurance policies designed specifically for convicted criminals. These policies can be accessed through specialist insurance providers or brokers, such as ourselves. We can help you understand what they are and whether they're appropriate.

Are There Car Insurance Companies That Don't Ask About Criminal Convictions?

It's rare to find Car insurance companies that don't ask for criminal convictions – disclosing this information is typically a legal requirement. Any company that doesn't require disclosure may not be adhering to industry standards or legal requirements, which could lead to complications in the event of a claim.

What Are the Main Challenges When Seeking Car Insurance for People With Criminal Convictions?

The main challenges when seeking Car insurance for people with criminal convictions include higher premiums and potentially limited coverage options. To overcome these hurdles with less stress, it might be a good idea to request advice from a specialist broker. No matter how much trouble you might be having, our team will do their best to help.

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