TextConnex from Insurance Revolution!

Insurance Revolution

Here at Insurance Revolution, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to communicate with us. Whether it be requesting additional documents or getting hold of our customer service team.

Just like you, there is nothing we find frustrating more than being on hold for longer than expected. We are sure that you have many things you would rather be doing than sitting on hold, listening to our music whilst waiting to speak to one of our Customer Service agents!

Now you don’t have to!

We have launched our SMS service, TextConnex, which allows you to connect via text, to a Customer Service advisor quickly.
You can use our SMS service to;

  • Discuss documents

  • As about your Direct Debit

  • Enquire about our add-on products such as breakdown and legal cover

  • Quickly find out the answer to your policy questions

  • Even make a change to your policy.

Store this number in your phone and send us a message when you need to discuss your policy.

07441 90 60 90

The service is available during our office opening hours, as stated on our website.


As well as our brand new messaging system, if you either took out your policy or renewed an existing policy after October 1st 2017, you will also be able to view your documents on our documents portal at customer.insurancerevolution.co.uk. You will have received your logins in the documentation when you either renewed or took out a new policy!

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